1. I'm sure everyone knows by now about Beyoncé's VMA performance last August
    https://vimeo.com/104880980 Here's the full performance if you've been living under a rock
  2. As you can kind of tell, she's wearing blue stud earrings
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    Probably as a nod to her daughter 💙
  3. But then!
  4. I notice during ***FLAWLESS, her left earring has disappeared!
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  5. I rewind and try to see where she lost her earring
  6. I think she lost it during her performance of Rocket
    A lot of hair flips going on
  7. Did she get her earring back?
  8. What if one of her dancers stepped on it?
  9. Do they sweep the floor when we're not looking and they found it and gave it back?
  10. What happened to the earring? 🤔