Online shopping is where it's at 🙌🏻 though if I really need to go to the mall, weekday mornings are the best. There's no one there, I can take all the time I need, and sales associates are so nice 😊 Include some of your own reasons, if you'd like 😃
  1. It's crowded
    "We need a new plague." -Dwight Schrute
  2. People walk too slow
  3. People rudely bump into you
  4. There's always a family who has a crying child or a child throwing a tantrum
    It's annoying, but I also feel bad because I bet they're all just tired and want to go home, just like I do
  5. The check out lines are too long
    And then there's that one person who's purchasing 500 things 😞
  6. The fitting room lines are too long
  7. It takes forever to flag down a sales associate
    Bless their hearts, honestly. They deal with a lot of people everyday
  8. People are always in your way and standing right in front of the thing you want to see
  9. The parking lot/structure is a battleground
    There's always that one person who seems like they're walking to their car, but they pull a fast one on you and cut through the parking lot and to their car two lanes over 😒
  10. And when you find someone leaving, they take forever to load their car and/or turn on the car and actually back out