1. $7
    It slipped out of my pocket.. I should listen to my mom when she says, "don't put money in your pocket!"
  2. Eyeliner
    I had it last Thursday and it was the last time I saw it. But I found the eyeliner cap and not the eyeliner itself, so I don't know what happened here
  3. The cross body bag I got for my birthday
    My mom "thinks" she threw it out 😭😭😭😭 I can't find it anywhere and it makes me sad because it was a gift. And now I don't have a cross body bag when I need one
  4. $200 fixing my laptop
    I didn't lose $200 like I lost my $7, but it's just a huge hit to my wallet, and that doesn't make me very happy, so.. 😔
  5. One of my gold stacking rings
    I left two of them on top of a book on my nightstand, and I forgot they were there, so when I picked up the book, the rings fell. I found one, but the other went under my bed, which is a cluttered mess, so I'm just procrastinating on finding it 😁 Side note/Shameless plug: These rings are from Ann Revere Jewelry, and Allie, the owner, is super sweet. Check out her stuff @ 😊 The quality is great, so the jewelry lasts, and free shipping!!