I work in a restaurant, and sometimes people say or ask me things as if I have so much power to change things. And some get really confused by our ordering system (understandably so) that they just take things into their own hands.
  1. "Your food is so expensive!"
    I semi-agree with this statement/complaint. We are expensive for what we sell, but everything is local and fresh, so I think it's worth it. However, it puts me in an awkward position when I hear you say this, and there's literally nothing I can do about the prices here. I'm just a host/waitress. If you feel so strongly about this, don't eat here.
  2. Guests who abruptly walk away, especially when I'm still talking
    I just don't understand. You can't just place your order and go, like how would we know who it's for or where you're sitting or if you're dining in or taking it to go? I need to know, and you walking away before I can ask is just awkward, frustrating, and annoying.
  3. "You guys are so confusing!"
    I know we are, but if you let me explain, it's not confusing, I promise you. I'm here to help, and I want to help you, so please let me
  4. "It's too loud in here!"
    Yes, it is, I know. But I can't do anything about it. And it's a restaurant, what do you expect?
  5. Ordering their own food
    We have two hosts that take your order for you on a computer terminal. And for people who have not been to our restaurant before, it's confusing and I get that. But that doesn't mean you can walk up to our computers and place in your own order. Plus, get a clue. If you see a team member taking in someone else's order, wouldn't you put 2 and 2 together and think, "oh, this person is supposed to help me."
  6. Forcing their credit card upon me
    Guests always think they pay the same place where they order, and that's not the case for us. I haven't even finished placing in their order or explaining how our restaurant works, and they push their credit card on me. I think they need to slow down a bit.
  7. Forcing their credit card upon me part 2
    We all have employee cards, and we need to slide them on our computers for us to unlock the computers, basically. This gentlemen swiped his own credit card on my computer at the host/ordering station, where you, again, don't pay. It was awkward as hell
  8. Guests who don't pay
    As confusing as our ordering system can be to some people, it doesn't mean that they cannot pay for their meal AT ALL. You typically pay before you sit down, and some people don't get that, so they pay after their meal, which is fine. But to not pay for their meal at all is just disappointing and sad
  9. Standing a million feet away from me
    I'm not going to bite you, you can stand closer to me. Plus, I have to walk to you and back to my computer to place in your order, and it's annoying as hell
  10. I still love my job though. Every day is different (: