I went to Beyoncé's Formation World Tour stop in Pasadena, California last weekend, and it was the greatest day in my life to be in the presence of The Queen. Here's what happened that day, in no particular order.
    I didn't even know that was allowed, but there were many times during the show when all I could smell was weed. A little distracting, I'm not gonna lie.
  2. I sat near a celebrity!!!
    I mean, someone from BuzzFeed, but I'm still counting that as a celebrity sighting haha.
  3. "GET IT YONCÉ!" "DAMN, BEY!" -me, like every two minutes lol
    Beyoncé is so sexy and confident in her body, I hope to one day possess that confidence
  4. Parking was a nightmare!!! It took almost two hours to get out!! 🙃🙃🙃🙃
  5. Sometimes you just have to spend as much money as the ticket itself for a Formation Tour bomber jacket
    NO REGRETS (though it did run a bit big, so I wish they offered an extra small option, but oh well.)
  6. Technicians walked in and out of the huge cube screen in the middle of the stage and randomly turned lights on and off that made me think the show is about to start, but it actually didn't, so I'm like
  7. But also crying on the inside because I couldn't wait any longer
  8. But when Beyoncé came out in her wide brimmed hat, all hell broke loose because we were all trying to get our shit together while trying to get in formation
    You can't really see her in this photo, but you CAN see the outline of her hat lol
  9. Tears were shed
    She gave a mini speech about working hard, being your own best friend, how strong we are, achieving your dreams and then thanked us, her fans. She showed home videos of her family (some from the Lemonade film) along to Die With You, one of my favorite ballads.
  10. Some people were sitting, some people weren't too into it, I bumped into the person next to me, and I may have blocked some people's views because I have my hands in the air, but WHO CARES. I HAD FUN AND JUST DID MY THING
  11. When she sang 1+1 and did all these runs and the microphone was no where near her mouth but you could still hear her strong and beautiful voice 😭
    OOH BEY THE CHILLS. I wish I could post the video I took, but I don't think we can include videos onto our lists yet ☹️
  12. The set list was a perfect mix of all of her music. It went back to her Destiny's Child days to her, of course, latest music.
    Songs I was PLEASANTLY surprised to hear on the set list: 1+1, Mine, Die With You, Tom Ford by Jay Z (she sang her portion of the song), Runnin', and Rocket. Songs I wish were included: XO, Pretty Hurts, and Sandcastles. BUT I CANT COMPLAIN, IT WAS AN AMAZING SHOW
  13. "DAMN"
    She was singing Love On Top and whenever she stopped, we picked it right back up. And when we hit those high notes, she said, "Damn!" It was the best.
  14. Beyoncé is a goddamn boss bitch diva, and she never lets you forget it during her two hour show (not that I mind, anyway)