Oh my god @jenilee this would be a dream come true! I need a moment 🙏🏻 (which is why it took so long for me to fulfill this request. I needed to wrap my head around it 😁). I'm listing about the whole day because if you're out with Mindy and Beyoncé, you do as much as you can with them!
  1. Mindy and Beyoncé would show up at my house and be like, "WE'RE GOING SHOPPING!" and drag me to their car. But before that, they would help me pick out an outfit and take selfies and group photos to post on Instagram 👯📸
  2. We would start with brunch because we're ladies who brunch
    I think we would go out to eat at a nice brunch place like Tavern in Brentwood, but then the paparazzi would probably have a field day because Beyoncé and Mindy. Therefore, I can also see us making a low key breakfast/brunch at either Mindy's or Beyoncé's house.
  3. Our town car will pick us up and drive us to all the hottest shopping places in LA, like Rodeo, Sunset, and Melrose
    We would buy Chanel bags, crazy Moschino print coats and skirts, comfy sweaters from Wildfox, some jeans at Paige, the list goes on. "Fashion show! Fashion show at lunch!" -me, in my head, as Kelly Kapoor as we try on clothes.
  4. We would be brutally honest with each other on whether or not we should purchase certain items of clothing
    "I like this, but we can do better. It's not THE outfit," said Beyonce, probably. "Ugh, you're right, B. This outfit is trash," replied Mindy.
  5. We would walk down the street like we're in Sex and the City
  6. The paparazzi would be going crazy because Beyoncé and Mindy are FINALLY hanging out! And they'll be like, "who's that girl?" in reference to me
    "Beyoncé, Mindy Kaling, and Assistant Spotted Shopping Together!" would be the headline, probably, I don't know.
  7. I would ask them how they do it, live their lives with so many eyes on them, and what their secret to privacy is in a world that's constantly sharing and prying
  8. We would talk about each other's lives and probably bond over our similar struggles as women
  9. After we finish shopping, we go to Beyoncé's house to get ready for dinner
    We assess our shopping haul and try to create a show stopping outfit for our night on the town
  10. Take more selfies and outfit shots
  11. Have sushi for dinner at Nobu, but at a table near the back as to not draw attention to us, even though diners are looking back at us, whispering to their friends, "Is that Beyoncé? AND Mindy?!"
    But it'll probably be another normal occurrence because the Kardashians and other famous people eat at Nobu, so they might also be all, "Oh, it's just Beyoncé. Anyway, this guy was ..."
  12. Return to Beyoncé's house for a cup of coffee or a glass of rosé or something
  13. Watch a movie and eat popcirn
  14. At the end of the night, they drive me back home. And since they just like me so much, Beyoncé will guarantee a front row seat and backstage passes for me and a friend for her next concert, and Mindy will let me visit the set of The Mindy Project and hang out with her and her writers during their lunch break
    "Just text me or give my assistants/managers/team a call, and we'll set it up for you."
  15. We hug and part ways, and as soon as I see their car drive away, I scream and run around my house out of sheer disbelief