This day was a solid A-
  1. My breakfast
    My mom makes amazing fried rice. It has eggs, peas, and bacon, and it's delicious. I had two bowls for breakfast
  2. My outfit
    Nothing like an on point outfit to make you feel like you can conquer your day. It's a little warm out, but I'm wearing suede ankle boots, black jeans, a white long sleeve and a zip up coat/cardigan with leather trim
  3. My parking spot
    I got a prime parking spot at school - right next to the elevator of the parking structure
  4. My post breakfast/lunch
    I get hungry like 1.5 hours after eating, so I got a muffin and a iced beverage from Starbucks
  5. Class ended 5 minutes early
  6. Making it to the gas station in time
    The "low fuel" warning lit up, and I was praying to the giant elephant that my car wouldn't break down in the middle of the road
  7. My mom is making pasta for dinner
  8. Season 10 of Keeping Up With the Kardashians is on Hulu
    Never in my life did I think I would be keeping up with the Kardashians but here I am