1. Some people are rude, but it's not personal
    As nice, friendly, or helpful you may be, some people are going to be rude to you, but you can't take it personally. It's most likely not your fault
  2. You can cut yourself some slack
    Mistakes happen, so don't beat yourself over it too much. Just learn from it, do better next time, and move on
  3. Your way is not the only way
    What works for you doesn't necessarily work for everybody else. You might even learn something from them
  4. Your co workers might not have the same work ethic as you
    And that's okay because it just makes you look that much more hard working to your superiors
  5. Your co workers might not care about their job as much as you do
    And that's okay because as long as you care and show that you care, it doesn't matter if they don't
  6. Your managers can be your friends
    It just makes work that much more enjoyable
  7. It's okay to ask for help
    We are a team, and if someone needs help, we always jump at the chance. It doesn't mean weakness, it just means team effort is needed
  8. Communication is key
    If we don't talk to each other, then we never know if someone needs help or what is even happening, so we get confused. Then, it becomes a shit show, and no one wants or needs that because we all just want to get through the day, unscathed
  9. The people you work with are important
    Some days are not my days, and I don't want to talk to anyone, but the only thing that gets me through my day is knowing that when I'm done, I can sit down, relax, and eat lunch with my co workers (who ended up being my great friends) and talk about how tough our days were
  10. It can take one person to make or break your day
    You could be having a great day, but someone really rude can ruin it. Or one friendly or enthusiastic guest after many rude/ambivalent/complicated guests can make your day 1009% better