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  1. thank you to BJ and the developers for building what was the best place on the internet.
    seriously. the people on List are the best and brightest.
  2. i know i'm not the only one who invested a lot of time and creativity here.
  3. so i'm troubled at how over the past year, the app has been gutted.
    what is the point? who does it serve, if not thoughtful and creative people who like to revise their work (drafts), curate (relist), and create safely (can't save your lists but you can save other people's images)?
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thank you for this request, @solena! no particular order!
  1. 1.
    my brother's wedding!
    this is us waiting in the processional! @thetrillwitch = GORGEOUS BRIDE. check out her lists about wedding stuff!
  2. 2.
    curating and installing a female-driven art show in Portland
  3. 3.
    writing and illustrating my first picture book!!
    Stack the Cats comes out in May 2017! my agent is behind me in this photo and my editor and amazing friend is on the right! this is a dream team FYI. it was hard work but i'm so happy with the final result!
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this is a list request that I am too tired to make all caps because it's 2:20am and I have had a 16 hour workday.
  1. Black Friday and Small business Saturday rule
    i appreciate how people are permanently shifting to considering their favorite indie artists as just as worthy places to get holiday gifts as a department store. artists benefit from this public consciousness about gift giving!
  2. however, Cyber Monday feels like an unnecessary, tacked-on holiday everyone forgets about until literally the week of, every year
    and the word "cyber" is so deeply awful
  3. i am...
    tired, happy, and malnourished. I haven't seen any of my friends in a while because I'm working such long hours, but I chit chat with my mail carrier Sonia almost every day so I think she's my best friend now?
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  1. my husband @mesten is alive
    michael had a very, very bad surfing accident and has been in the hospital this past week, had reconstructive surgery, literally broke his face, broke his nose and has multiple orbital fractures. was about a quarter of an inch from being blinded. could have been paralyzed. could have drowned. he's ALIVE. how lucky are we?? lucky and unlucky, but he's ALIVE!!!!!!!!!
  2. what did Bill Murray do to us
    Cubs vs trump, I think an evil deal was made to transfer the Cubs' curse to **all of us**
  3. fuck this week
  1. we watched him get lost and make wrong turns over and over. but
  2. when he finally arrived,
  3. he wore an aloha shirt
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  1. agreeing to disagree
    agree with me or stfu #electionyear
  2. the text message in progress dots
    spit it out quickly or leave me alone
  3. "I said I was sorry" / "I'm sorry, but"
    not the same as saying "I'm sorry" or preferred alternate "I...fucked up"
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  1. pressed this icon thinking it was to add a comment (it isn't)
  2. pressed this icon thinking it's blue because I have a DM (I don't)
  3. looked for the relist button
    or the list of lists I have relisted
  4. SMH
Inspired by @Lisa_Fav & the title wave
  1. listing about making art
    and the shitty things that happen sometimes to it
  2. making art as I live list it
  3. giving up on the latter because list quietly began enabling image downloads from our lists without our consent
    and that feels unsafe! did you know?
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this is for @nikkilounoel who has checked on me a few times this month, which I appreciate so much. thank you for your friendship!
  1. hi, how are you?
  2. me? same, same.
    ups, downs. ups you'd expect, downs you already know about.
  3. not much to share, which is weird because
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I went to Portland and screenshotted some
  1. rachel dolezal spam email
  2. hilarious notification on LinkedIn
    the power of one
  3. every member of my family in a different west coast city
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