my birthday's this Tuesday (5/31) but my family came together yesterday to celebrate and basically turned it into one of the happiest days of my life. here's how.
  1. My amazing sister visited!
    I cannot even believe this is the sole reason she flew down to San Diego. @wonderlilly is the best sister ever and she's 10,000 pts away from a companion fare if anyone knows how to push her over that edge! ✈️
  2. My mom greeted me at the door with one of my favorite things ever
    freshly peeled grapefruit
  3. PRESENTS!!!!!
    I am not materialistic but I LOVE presents!!!!
  4. Seriously my sister even got me that trampoline
    ahem, "fitness rebounder"
  5. even my brother mailed me an enigmatic gift!
    anyone know how to play this??? thank you, @thetrillwitch and @kingcyrusking!
  6. Oh and my dad gave me lottery tickets
    gotta be in it to win it
  7. and so, so much more.
  8. My sister and i brunched luxuriously
    and had the kind of sisterly talk where you really unload the things you're scared to say out loud and you cry a little but it also feels like the only time you can really be honest with yourself about some tough things
  9. Nails were painted
    omg this cake from the internet
  10. We went book shopping
    the best way to make anyone in my family feel like we won the lottery besides actually winning
  11. And ran some errands
    always more fun with a sister. this is my favorite photo ever btw, her witch costume makes me laugh harder than almost anything else in this world
  12. more chit chat with sissy
    tbh some of my favorite memories with my sister are from just chatting and hanging out
  13. Watched Nathan For You
    ✔️ recommended!!
  14. Picked up my adorable husband to join the fun
  15. Walked in the door of my parents' house and audibly cheered
    because the house smelled so good. PS we terrified my mom with our screaming
  16. because mom made my favorite meal
    vegetarian ghormeh sabzi. you have no idea what you're missing!!!
  17. and is adorable
  18. and made an almond raspberry torte with my name stenciled on it
    cannot even use words to tell you how good it was
  19. it was this good
  20. then we watched the new michael moore
  21. and it was the most perfect day I've had in a long long time
  23. ☑️ 1. feeling so, so loved
  24. ☑️ 2. quality time
  25. ☑️ 3. feeling treated
  26. what more could I ask for???