care of Frazee Paints 🎨
  1. no way
    F689b8fe 9df4 4b2d 880f 5b61e025ba09
  2. weeping
    8c421df1 312b 4bc1 acba fe6817c49682
  3. aging
    Bf608fc0 b3eb 4b5a ae0c 46f19ad57150
    the most depressing color for the most depressing concept
  4. tantric red
    42f6b111 aaf0 4aae a402 be7a3e620b4e
    now we know what color Sting's house is
  5. wrinkle
    45ca64ab 8b9f 4abd b3c6 be2dc20fb6ff
  6. ointment
    60d79b55 eb98 4cb3 beb7 c931b85ed627
  7. outbreak
    B60fa778 62d6 41a5 a1ca 52fb8a2a9ff3
    disease, anyone?
  8. womb
    Cc13c557 ee46 4d8c a3c2 4719c6e7f764
  9. huff
    9c2ad49b c96b 425b a2f9 6b462bc17fcd
  10. unfinished
    9d10414f 1bcd 4fe1 a6a5 83080fe53669
    the message every homeowner wants to send
  11. privacy please
    3b81f8ad cbb9 4cb8 bea5 f01b1598263c
  12. faint wind
    B0966edc 7fbe 47b0 ba15 b0c5a1d2478d
    this seems like a euphemism
  13. Green Eggs
    E3d76239 54cd 40b6 aef2 330cba98fa1c
    not that green tbh
  14. Shamon
    7f923e0b 2e2b 4c71 aa07 fc748dd99b34
    is this the word michael Jackson is always saying?
  15. tingle
    4d7d4a1e cf65 40e0 b0cf 1696f6523d11
  16. juicy jelly
    25882a82 3547 4b29 8c86 5a3ce27b2fe0
  17. wazzup
    F28166c1 ad8e 4ecf 8b84 50552ee54b00
  18. rat portage
    5d30ba7c a2fd 42bb a4a5 9d28a67cda5f
  19. Wise Crack
    417c03d6 8fef 4f08 bbc3 34ae5588d45d
    intentionally written as two words, therefore gross
  20. happy stress
    F0009987 1fbd 4d4d bae0 4801843b342f
    no thanks
  21. goat's beard
    A7f693e9 b351 4d97 83aa 8ae90f1eb56b
    pale seafoam if you were wondering
  22. billable hours
    530116b7 4939 445b b2f5 5bedc86e5136
    part of a longer list of office colors- including "work box", "dialogue" and "traffic", in case you want your paint colors to stress you out as much as work does.