care of Frazee Paints 🎨
  1. no way
  2. weeping
  3. aging
    the most depressing color for the most depressing concept
  4. tantric red
    now we know what color Sting's house is
  5. wrinkle
  6. ointment
  7. outbreak
    disease, anyone?
  8. womb
  9. huff
  10. unfinished
    the message every homeowner wants to send
  11. privacy please
  12. faint wind
    this seems like a euphemism
  13. Green Eggs
    not that green tbh
  14. Shamon
    is this the word michael Jackson is always saying?
  15. tingle
  16. juicy jelly
  17. wazzup
  18. rat portage
  19. Wise Crack
    intentionally written as two words, therefore gross
  20. happy stress
    no thanks
  21. goat's beard
    pale seafoam if you were wondering
  22. billable hours
    part of a longer list of office colors- including "work box", "dialogue" and "traffic", in case you want your paint colors to stress you out as much as work does.