compiled by Eileen Kinsella. I wasn't familiar with these artists so I'm including photos of them with their work as well.
  1. Nyeema Morgan
    "I think in this cultural moment one of the greatest detriments to a young artist’s creative practice is conformity. The desire to be desired, to be ‘liked’, for every utterance to be acknowledged and lauded. It would be too easy and expected to accept the rewards of self-exploitation. Resist."
  2. Laurie Simmons
    "Become the responsible, dedicated custodian of your own work early on, even when you feel like you have no “career”. Some of the most critical work you will do might come at a time when you feel like no one is watching. Don’t focus on the gatekeepers of galleries and institutions for your sense of self worth. No one will do a better job than you of caring for your own work."
  3. Lisa Yuskavage
    "Try to get past the desire to have everyone like you. All positive feedback is not a good sign. It means you are feeding the views that they already like and not going to change how the world sees."
  4. Marilyn Minter
    "Find your strengths and develop them! Don’t waste your time trying to do things that don’t come easy to you."
  5. Shinique Smith
    "Always offer support and encouragement to your peers, the women who came before you and those who will come after you."
  6. Wendy White
    "I think as women, rather than looking at art history as the gold standard, we have to always look forward. Burn it down. Be ruthlessly yourself, find your own heroes, prop up and support the women around you."
  7. Pat Steir
    "For 20 years no one looked at or liked my work. Accept feedback, but don’t make changes based on that. Be friends with other women artists your own age, whose work you like and maybe even love."
  8. Adrian Piper
    "The best means to art-historical significance is financial independence. Don’t even think about trying to earn a living from your artwork, or else you’ll start producing the artwork that will earn you a living. The best means to financial independence is a day job in a different field. Waiting tables, driving a cab, office work, and teaching are traditional alternatives for artists, but the digital revolution opens up many others. (cont'd)
  9. "All of them will free you to make the work you are most deeply driven to make, regardless of whether or not anyone else likes it or buys it. That’s the work that’s most interesting and important to you. You won’t have time to waste on producing work that doesn’t obsess you.
    "Your day job will also free you to be selective about what you do in order to promote your artwork, and with whom. It will protect your pursuit of quality." 🔥🔥🔥
  10. (what an incredible case for a day job!)
  11. Deborah Kass
    "Always go towards the love. Find a community. Get rid of negative friends. Don’t be a dick. Stick to your guns."