this is a list request that I am too tired to make all caps because it's 2:20am and I have had a 16 hour workday.
  1. Black Friday and Small business Saturday rule
    i appreciate how people are permanently shifting to considering their favorite indie artists as just as worthy places to get holiday gifts as a department store. artists benefit from this public consciousness about gift giving!
  2. however, Cyber Monday feels like an unnecessary, tacked-on holiday everyone forgets about until literally the week of, every year
    and the word "cyber" is so deeply awful
  3. i am...
    tired, happy, and malnourished. I haven't seen any of my friends in a while because I'm working such long hours, but I chit chat with my mail carrier Sonia almost every day so I think she's my best friend now?
  4. whenever people ask me for coupon codes or discounts (every day!!!!!!), I....
    honestly wonder how we came to live in a world where people ask *artists* for coupon codes and discounts & then remember everything else about the world we live in right now and spiral into a very deep depression regarding the election. it is a slippery slope. so:
  5. PSA: don't ask artists for coupon codes
    follow them on social media or mailing lists and sit silently and wait for them to want to offer one if they're so inclined. don't pressure people who struggle to survive on their creative talents to further devalue themselves — It is so incredibly audacious and rude.
  6. i wonder what it's like to...
    actually get to shop Black Friday / cyber Monday deals! I'm a self-inflicted one person sweatshop with horrible labor policies, so I have no idea what it's like to be on the other end of the shopping my frenzy. like, do you actually buy stuff you want or is it just the societal pressure to "go shopping and save" no matter what?
  7. every year I have an art show deadline (for the @giantrobot Post it show) that ALWAYS coincides with this time of year
    and every year I feel absolutely pushed to my limits and like accomplishing some kind of amazing physical feat as I try to make some tiny 3x3" artwork inbetween sending out all the orders. it seems like it would be relaxing and fulfilling but it's actually tremendously stressful to have anything else to do in addition to shipping hundreds of orders.
  8. Basically, I'm saying a really awesome Black Friday to cyber Monday as an artist means you can't actually spend time making art
    which is ironic and annoying and against the laws of physics!
  9. around the BF-CM weekend, mostly I just feel really grateful and sort of in disbelief that people want to buy so many things I make
    I'm astounded and so, so humbled that I've gotten to do this for 15 years
  10. it's a pretty busy weekend for anyone in retail, but if you **make what you sell**, you feel a constant, fulfilling joy.
    it feels like you very suddenly have 1000 fairy godmothers cheering you on. unless you get anything lower than a 5-star feedback on etsy, in which case you immediately feel like a failure
  11. i know people are dismissive of the commercialism around the holidays, and I get that,
  12. but it's the only time of year I don't constantly worry about $;
    (thank you to anyone who has supported my shop this season!!!!)
  13. I feel consistently in awe that people care about my art enough to buy or gift it;
  14. it feels a little Amelie-ish and conspiratorial
    (gift wrapping things nicely or including covert & special notes for presents you know will remain surprises until they're opened next month!!)
  15. but I'm also really looking forward to January
    gonna get a massage, first thing
  16. 😴💤😴💤💤😴💤💤💤💤💤💤
  17. sorry I'm too tired to write any more