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  1. I'm a big fan of art
    I make it and collect it and have a lot of it. Here's some:
  2. Charley Harper lithograph
  3. burned folder By Lauren Nassef who went to college with me
  4. bird painting I was thrilled to find on Etsy - I always have to look up the artist name. it's Joshua Gorchov / thebigblackcloud
  5. I painted this one!
    and my name is Susie Ghahremani if you don't already know that
  6. my college pal Hoffmann painted this
  7. fellow tiny artist (both in art size and stature) Evah Fan painted this, it's two inches square.
  8. Talented Portland artist Julianna Bright painted this
    she and Evah are both in a show with me **that I curated** opening this fall:
  9. Talented Portland artist Carson Ellis drew this
    animals winning is a big motif of art in my home
  10. this huge poster about why people have become artists over the centuries is by Chris Ware, for the Whitney biennial
  11. I painted this over a decade ago
  12. I bought this on the street a few blocks from me for $20, I don't know the artist but he's San Diegan
  13. my friend Irene cross stitched this for my birthday. it's in my kitchen.
  14. my friend Michaelann drew this for me. it's my kitchen and it's hanging in my kitchen.
    Mike also went to RISD... another theme of this list
  15. another Etsy purchase- it's an etching by Ray Maseman
  16. resin coated drawing by Max Loren Holyoke-Hirsch
    I commissioned it after the last of a family of finches I raised died. Max loves finches too & we went to college together
  17. Another Charley Harper litho
  18. I painted this, RIP lonesome George
    who we met during our honeymoon when he was still alive
  19. Sort of an intense painting by Evan B. Harris peace overtaking war, another Portland artist
    this piece makes me pretty uncomfortable sometimes
  20. Painting of Joey Ramone by Matt Leines, another college friend
    this is also on the "intense wall"
  21. screenprint from a show I went to as a teen! appropriated art by ??
    It's signed Steve W and I always liked to imagine that meant steve west from Pavement
  22. Painted mailbox by Matthew Rodriguez
    I bought it on eBay from the artist like a million years ago? I can't believe eBay was ever a venue for artists but it was
  23. big painting by Swedish artist Camilla Engman
  24. Mixed media/ painting by Jeni Yang
  25. massive painting by my mom!!!
    she also wrote some books and painted the covers of those, too!
  26. Dr Seuss! Star-bellied sneetch silkscreen
    @mesten bought this for me for our anniversary from the Seuss gallery here in San Diego where he lived
  27. I painted this one
  28. Portland Art duo APAK painted this
  29. WPA poster by Chicago artist Mildred Waltrip
  30. Kentucky artist Kathleen Lolley
  31. Another Kathleen Lolley
  32. birdhouses by pal Ryan o'rourke, paintings and kokeshi by me
    all of my shelves look like this. more trinkets: TRINKET ENTHUSIAST
  33. One of many works by my good friend / college pal Caitlin Keegan
    she's in the show I curated, too!
  34. another Lauren Nassef drawing
  35. about a million drawings by my nieces and nephews and godson
  36. There's a lot more but I got fatigued
  37. show me what's on your walls!
  38. and if they're empty, I can recommend a few good places to buy original art (not digital prints) to start supporting rad artists' analog work.
  39. FYI I have some original paintings for sale at and on my shop
    Etsy is a great way to find art on a particular theme or motif. Beware most of what's sold on Etsy are digital prints (not originals) so read carefully!
  40. I hope this list inspires someone out there to start thinking of their walls as a gallery they're curating!