let's be honest, it's a harsh return to reality. what are some of life's pleasures in returning to the routine?
  1. my bed
    hotel beds are often great in a way that I assume can never be replicated at home. but nothing beats your own pillow.
  2. the cat seems to like me a little more than before
    I prefer when she's clingy and just a little depressed. am I wrong?
  3. outlets for everything! chargers for everything!!!
    I'm charger rich at home and I didn't have to do a CSI-like sweep around the room's perimeters to find an outlet.
  4. standing in front of an open refrigerator while deciding what to eat
    this doesn't happen when traveling
  5. I have enough underwear and socks
    the end of a particular kind of anxiety that accompanies my travel
  6. no lingering anxiety about checking in to something
    airlines allowing you to check in online exactly 24 hours before a flight (or risk being boarding group 5,298,477) fully ruins several nights of sleep and at least one full travel day. I'm glad to be done with this lingering nuisance.
  7. my life is going to be a lot less expensive
    even if I was just in, like, the rural Midwest, somehow travel costs are 1000x normal life costs
  8. add yours!
  9. No sense of obligation that you MUST have fun
    On vacation I feel obligated to go and maximize my enjoyment. I need to be out there seeing the sites, eating at the best restaurants, getting together with my local friends all within a really tight deadline! At home I can do whatever I want.
    Suggested by @eatthelove
  10. The sheer relaxation in my bones that I'm home. Even if it's a stress free, beautiful vacay I still have a tiny bit of tense that just comes with being somewhere I'm not familiar with.
    Suggested by @nikkilounoel
  11. You have more than one coat option.
    Suggested by @cordeliane
  12. Everything is baby safe
    Traveling with my 2 year old is like some kind of game show where I'm running around trying to keep him from emptying drawers, climbing, and breaking everything within arms reach. Spoiler: I often lose.
    Suggested by @torrami