In support of @JennyJLee's list and our community
  1. press and long hold the title to create your own list with the same title.
  2. Jenny's list is a powerful reminder, especially to those who are recommended, to use your voice on List
  3. I use my voice. a little. mostly on Twitter and Facebook.
    sparingly because I also run a shop with its own mission, and that's a hard balance.
  4. but I tend to think of list as a place for reading and learning from people who are more articulate than me (and there are so many articulate, amazing people. I particularly love @bware427's list about Alton Sterling from this week) but not sharing my perspective as much because even though I'm a person of color, I just don't always have words.
    except copyright stuff, you guys know I go to town on that
  5. mostly I feel like I'm not very articulate about my experience.
    and I use my ❤️s on lists to show I agree, I support.
  6. but how would it feel to see every single list trending acknowledging the pain so many of us are feeling?
  7. to have a hundred thousand lists with this title
  8. ******black lives matter*******
  9. because the experience of black people in America in so different than any other POC
    and in ways I don't believe people outside a marginalized community can ever begin to understand, as empathetic as they may try to be.
  10. we need to all acknowledge we see it
  11. and we're outraged
  12. and we stand together in grief
  13. this isn't enough, and writing a list about it never will be, but if even one hurting person logs in and sees support in numbers of all the people who are thinking and feeling the same things, maybe that makes it less awful in some small way.
  14. I like "happy, fun" things, too.
    I even think they're necessary, even during times like this. my mission as an artist is based around the idea that that's our common ground in many ways, the fabric of our humanity
  15. I also like distractions
    because I suffer from depression and spiral and am fighting every day to be able to get out of bed to deal with our terrible world
  16. and I'm dealing with my own shit as so many of us are
    this week has had some of the worst stuff of my entire life on a personal front
  17. but as Bre said in her list, I'm an adult capable of having more than one thought at once, too
  18. so when I'm not listing about this, I'm still thinking about it
    as I'm sure many people who haven't spoken up also feel
  19. but NOW is a good time to also list about it
  20. and I hope you do, too.
  22. join me in acknowledging that hearing about a murder every day of an unarmed black civilian just existing but brought under suspicion by the color of their skin is deeply messed up and not to be treated as anything but a complete failure of our system and our society.