I love that @LevNovak requested this list because I have a feeling you get the whole sibling connection thing.
  1. Cyrus is my brother
    he lives in LA and is 7 years younger than me.
  2. He is one of the funniest and most talented people i know.
    He is an amazing musician, composer, and producer and, honestly, friend
  3. When he was an infant, Michael Jordan placed him into my mom's arms at a health club
    for this, we called him The Chosen One
  4. He went by CJ when we were kids
    actual birthday cake
  5. He has done a lot of very funny and awesome things, too many to list here but you can check out his website for an incomplete overview
    I'm not sure if he still owns it, but he used to also have the apt domain name:
  6. He once created a fake Red Hot Chili Peppers song with a friend of his and duped the Internet
    it was called "Abracadabralifornia"
  7. he is engaged to this doll of a lady
  8. he's on the list app but never logs in (@kingcyrusking)
    he doesn't listen to me. you can try to get him on board - email him cyrus @ cyrusg
  9. he is my mom's favorite
    she once referred to him as "half the family" (he is 1/5 of the family, 1/8 if counting spouses)
  10. he has a ridiculously adorable pug named tallulah
    this photo is from the day of her adoption. she has an Instagram profile @tallulahgram
  11. he was the absolute cutest and most loved little kid in the world
    my sister and I adored him as much as my parents
  12. he can do this with his hair
    "the swami"
  13. he is the first person I thought of when David Bowie died
    because I knew he would be as sad as I was
  14. he eats mangos this way
  15. I made this mug of his face and gifted it to my parents
    and myself
  16. he made this mug of my husband and gifted it to me
    and my husband @mesten. we use it every day
  17. he MC'ed my husband's birthday with the PowerPoint game show The Michael Feud
    I think he should be the actual host of an actual game show. btw this is what the mug is referencing
  18. he has driven to San Diego to see me play music at some ridiculously small POS club
    (my gorgeous sister on the left came directly from running a half marathon!)
  19. I have driven to Los Angeles to see him play music at the Getty!!
    seriously he is ridiculously talented
  20. we were close when we were kids
  21. and teens
  22. and now
    these three photos span 20 years!
  23. sometimes he sucks
    these are messages he sent me from my mom's iPhone
  24. sometimes he doesn't respond to any of my text messages or calls
    but he permanently shares his location which feels like a really loving thing to do
  25. but he is an amazing brother & person
    this is a photo of a bunch of my friends surrounding my brother -- because everyone who gets to know him loves him, too!
  26. I love my family
    it's ok if it grosses you out. we don't always get along but there is always a lot of love there.