1. make a list
  2. of all the people who made your year special
    who was your mentor? who pushed you to do better? who walked in step with you? who made things simpler for you? who was on your side?
  3. all the businesses that contributed to your successes
    or showed you generosity and goodwill
  4. all the events you felt fortunate to be a part of
  5. all the collaborators you got to work with in 2015 who brought something extraordinary to your partnership
  6. all the friends who kept you laughing and not too crazy
    xrazy, as I originally wrote it, which I feel like is a new and more accurate word.
  7. all the people who made you feel appreciated, loved, supported
  8. I made a list like this, or at least started it
  9. and I realized it took the form of a List App list
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  10. So clearly, I am grateful for you, too.
    and you're actually written on the list, too! 💙
  11. for the compassion you guys have shown when I've posted vulnerable things about myself and my life
  12. for how this community has made me laugh when I have certainly needed it
  13. and even brought me closer to a few of my IRL friends and family
    the lists my *unbelievably awesome* husband @mesten has made have me laughing at a new dimension of his hilarity! my future sister in law @thetrillwitch has shown me so much more of her shimmering personality through it, too! ✨
  14. happy new year to you all!
  15. 🎉