Their marketing team has a problem: they promote resellers of Chinese counterfeits and expect all the designers like me who bring originality to their marketplace to be ok with it. We're not.
  1. Collectively they're sending this message to millions of people
    this kind of exposure could be really helpful and important for an actual designer. it could make a career.
  2. Facebook
  3. "Ships from United States"
    funny because the seller is in China. It's already a lie.
  4. Etsy suggests I flag the listing
    which they already know violates their policies and they've already amplified to millions of "fans"
  5. Instagram BS
    try to ignore the dirty ears can't
  6. this is shameful
    mostly people are just tagging their friends
  7. Emily McDowell is rad
    she is a designer and badass
  8. Wow, Etsy, you've really helped this listing created today do really well
  9. look at how many shops on Etsy are selling this crap
  10. all of the sellers are based in China
  11. and they've amplified its visibility
  12. instead of the work of a real designer
  13. Now here are links from Alibaba / AliExpress
  14. 😂
  15. 1444 orders
  16. any questions?
  17. What would it feel like if someone like me or @roaringsoftly or @kendrawcandraw or @marceline or some other artist received that kind of spotlight of support?
    listers on Etsy: Who Has an Etsy Shop?!
  18. What message does it send to original designers and shoppers both when this is the message from a site purported to host unique design?
  19. What's left?
  20. 🌟 UPDATE 🌟
  21. Again, from Alibaba
    731 orders
  22. "one of a kind" —Etsy
  23. "one of a kind" —Etsy
  24. "one of a kind" —Etsy
  25. "one of a kind" —Etsy
  26. "one of a kind" —Etsy
  27. "one of a kind" —Etsy
  28. The fact is, Etsy is not only endorsing these counterfeits and resellers...
  29. they also act as a gateway for it.
    by doing absolutely nothing to protect the integrity of the market, doing nothing to prevent access from China, doing nothing to secure images from being downloaded at full resolution.
  30. These posts, this is the future Etsy is creating for you and me.