I take too many photos of too many things and I never know what to do with them, so here is something. also, this is my first List in app formation.
  1. sad dinosaur
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    this is a picture of a drawing that has been on my fridge for years. it was drawn by a child to accompany a "comedy cd" my teacher friend's classroom made of their corny jokes called "everything's a joke" but the drawing is so depressing and sad, I love it more than anything. the cd was not as good.
  2. hot dog lady
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    this is a photo of a photo I took when I was on tour in 2001. my friend erin and I rearranged the letters, I think. I sent it to my brother who is currently on tour to make him laugh. (go see him play in your city: Shannon and the Clams!)
  3. Pygmy seahorse
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    this is a tiny seahorse. very small.
  4. pencil pusher
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    this is me at work. drawing some ideas out for some stuff.
  5. weird whiskers
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    this is a mole I painted tonight, I sometimes take pictures of things as I work on them so I can step back from it and see it objectively. even if the tunnel is blue, can you tell he's underground? that's what I'm evaluating. also did I make his whiskers weird?
  6. wardrobe malfunction
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    this is a frame frozen from this week's America's next top model. it made me laugh so hard I was crying and had to send it to the only other person I know who watches this show. she immediately responded saying she took a photo of the same moment to send to me. a true friend.
  7. carly in my tshirt
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    this is a person who came to an event I was at, wearing a shirt that I made. her name is Carly and she's super nice and made my day that day.
  8. my crazy luck
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    these are my parents at that same event (Maker Faire). my parents are two of the kindest and most loving people in the world. I can't believe my crazy luck.
  9. overwhelming love
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    this is my husband and cat. a photo I took when nothing eventful was happening but just because I love them so much it overwhelmed me for a moment there.
  10. eerie playground
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    this is a weird playground I happened upon eerily when I was trying to find a beach bonfire my friend was hosting.
  11. a list from before there were apps.
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    this is a photo of a list I made when I was a teenager of things I loved back then.