I curated an art show in Portland, OR at Land Gallery that opens this Friday. Here are previews of each of the artists/works in the show. Copyrights all belong to the artists respectively. More info at http://Landpdx.com/flora
  1. All of the artwork is analog
    nothing printed, nothing digital. the artist's hand is obvious in every piece. this is rare for art shows, lately.
  2. 16 artists I selected
    all women, all different media x 5 pieces each. some were strangers to me until this.
  3. the artwork is united by a theme of growth, plant life, leaves
    show opens 6-9pm Friday 8/26 at Land, 3925 N Mississippi Ave. there will also be limited edition tiny succulent gardens for sale made by locals Sankalpa Succulents with ceramic vessels by Cherise
  4. Betsy Walton, Oregon
  5. Keiko Brodeur, California
  6. Maya Hanisch, Chile
  7. Julianna Bright, Oregon
  8. Shirley Jackson, Utah
  9. Amy Ross, Massachusetts
  10. Courtney Knight, Oregon
  11. Hiné Mizushima, Canada
  12. Coral Silverman, New York
  13. Dingding Hu, New York
  14. Anisa Makhoul, Oregon
  15. Caitlin Keegan, New York
  16. Jing Wei, New York
  17. Evah Fan, California
  18. Meg Hunt, Oregon
  19. and me, Susie Ghahremani, California
  20. If you're in the area, please come see the show ❤️
  21. it'll be online soon, too.
  22. I curated this show because I liked the idea of distinguishing analog work from digital
  23. there is value in both, but if you're physically going to an art show, I think the tactility of analog, handmade artwork is a valuable experience
  24. I invited the succulent people to be part of the opening because it feels like a living souvenir
  25. Curating an art show is a lot of work, but anyone can do it.
    I didn't do it for any other incentive than to give female artists & analog work a spotlight.
  26. It's making the actual art that is the hard part.
  27. And getting people to show up for it.