I went to Iceland last January. yes, it was the dead of winter. people usually say to this, "you went to iceland?" to which I say "yes. and you should, too" - here are some reasons why. (photos from list app image search / not photos by me!!!)
  1. it's a four hour flight from Boston
    honestly you could just make it a long weekend, which is what I did, ~$700 incl hotel and flight
  2. if you go in the winter, as I did...
    there are only about 6 hours of daylight and the air is about -5000000 degrees with the brutal windchill of an island in the middle of the sea, but I believe it's a very authentic and unforgettable way to experience the country
  3. and you get MAJOR perks such as:
  4. puffins
  5. the colors of everything
    I think about things I saw there almost every day
  6. walking around a version of earth that looks like this
  7. and this
  8. and this
  9. better visibility of the northern lights
    which we saw! and it's thrilling! we jumped up and down!
  10. magical Icelandic horses everywhere
  11. the geothermic hot pots at the public baths are so satisfying when it's freezing out
    ($4 admission?)
  12. the blue lagoon is even more beautiful
    but it's swarmed with tourists either way. take the good & the bad
  13. you can go ice climbing on a glacier
    (we did)
  14. you can go snorkeling between continental plates and feel like a badass
    (we did - with a guide and dry suits, don't do anything stupider. ps we loved it)
  15. you can drink to stay warm
    (we did!!!!)
  16. you can wander around marveling
  17. that a place exists where the sky is always strange
  18. these sweaters are common
    tbh you'll probably buy one
  19. the food is pretty great even though nothing grows there outdoors
    lots of Icelandic greenhouses. as vegetarians, we were surprised we had so many options - def more than in alaska
  20. beware: there are volcanoes
  21. they spell their country name in a way that makes a lot more sense than the name we've given it
    look! they call it ISLAND. ISLAND!!!! makes sense
  22. yes, it's cold. really, really cold.
  23. you could go another time of year
    there's a road around the whole country (the ring road) you could road trip on.
  24. Summer's supposed to be beautiful, too
    probably more you can do
  25. like elf seeking
  26. seeing the north when roads are otherwise impassible
  27. (the roads in winter look like a movie version of heaven but that's dangerous)
    this is the only photo from this list I took myself. for more of my iceland photos (not as good as the ones from image search): THE FARTHEST I'VE TRAVELED ✈️🚙
  28. doing more stuff outside without the temperature killing you dead?
    these cliffs are natural cubic
  29. I want to go back to the island