I've had extraordinarily wonderful things happen in my life lately, so I thought it'd be nice to round 'em up and celebrate! 💃🏽 unranked! impossible to rank!
  1. Love!
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    my sister got married -- and a few days later, my brother got engaged. I decided I loved weddings as soon as I realized they were very detail-oriented theme parties, but they're even better when you love, really whole-heart-love, the people you're celebrating!
  2. Books!
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    I finished my picture book, What Will Grow? (2017) and signed a deal with Abrams for my first two picture books as author and illustrator both! Very exciting! Thanks to @xtineengels for spotting the announcement and making this list: YAYAYAYAYA HATS OFF TO SUSIE GHAHREMANI!!! !
  3. Collaborations!
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    I'm working with two exceptional companies right now that I am loving: OwlCrate and BuyOlympia. Google these businesses, they are both extraordinary people & things.
  4. Press!
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    This month I have been blown away by an unexpected feature on @BuzzFeed! I couldn't believe it! So cool that they would prominently feature a small business like mine. It's made a huge difference in my life already.
  5. Family!
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    my sister & brother live in different cities now, and I'm sort of hermity so I don't see my parents as often as I'd like. so, holidays and weddings of late have been extra nice for hanging out.
  6. Michael!
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    with a lot of these wonderful things has come stress, and I've had the loyalty, support and help of my amazing @mesten. here he is hiding in plain sight at a craft show we did today. it was great but strenuous, and he made every minute better!
  7. Home!
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    our house is sage green now and I am loving it! choosing this color is how I was able to make this important list: ACTUAL PAINT COLOR NAMES, WTF (if you're curious, our color was called The Loft)
  8. Making things!
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    I've made some things lately I am really happy with and excited about! these are otters holding hands. it's an enamel pin I made.
  9. Mail!
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    I've been sending a lot of it, mostly made up of orders, and it is a thrill that never goes away: the idea that you can send something tactile and tangible to someone so quickly, affordably and easy, all through the miracle of our mail system. If you really think objectively about it, it's amazing. Anyway, having so much mail to send is MY FAVORITE! ✉️ ❤️ 📬 ❤️ 📦
  10. Weather!
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    San Diego has been absurdly beautiful lately! The effect of good weather on one's day cannot be overstated.
  11. True friends
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    I think when you are under stress, you also get to experience how strong your friendships are. These friends are 💯. (cc @linz904!) My friend on the left also rolled up her sleeves and helped me when the BuzzFeed thing happened! Extra credit.
  12. The curse is over!
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    Earlier this year, @mesten, @thetrillwitch and others verified that I was gypsy cursed by an actual gypsy. I want to say it's a long story but it really isn't. I think it's safe to say the curse has been broken! 👯