I used to live in Providence, Rhode Island and it's a weird and spooky town, home to stories by HP Lovecraft. Always loved trading ghost stories with friends. Got any?
  1. phantom horse-drawn carriage
    anyone who lived on Benefit St. has had the experience of hearing a horse clop down the street. But there was no horse.
  2. old lady on the bed
    my husband @mesten and I both saw an old lady sitting on the corner of our bed once long enough to have a whole freaked out conversation about it. there was no old lady.
  3. phantom runner
    out of the corner of your eye, you see someone running right at you, and just as you try to react, you realize: there is no runner.
  4. my niece
    not quite a ghost story but when my niece was like 4 years old she slipped into the role of her deceased great grandmother & said to her mom "remember when you were my granddaughter and I was nanny's mother?" I wasn't there but I want to say she then offered her a butterfinger which is like totally like a great gran imo
  5. My grandfather; story here: LET ME TELL YOU A GHOST STORY 👻
    Suggested by @kcupcaker