this is for @nikkilounoel who has checked on me a few times this month, which I appreciate so much. thank you for your friendship!
  1. hi, how are you?
  2. me? same, same.
    ups, downs. ups you'd expect, downs you already know about.
  3. not much to share, which is weird because
  4. I'm a natural sharer.
    I like taking photos and uploading them, writing and hitting "post", then reading the responses & learning from them. making new friends. forming new opinions. I think that's why we are all here.
  5. I love sharing information especially.
    it's nice to contribute something useful.
  6. but sometimes sharing is dangerous
    & has directly lead to things that have recently harmed me
  7. so anyway
  8. that's why I don't have much to say right now.
  9. but I still check in & read, when I can.