I saw a Latuda anti-depressant commercial on tv featuring an ILLUSTRATOR lamenting how she misses out on "life's little moments"!!!! 😱 any illustrator relates to this; our job basically requires us to be mole people. But here's how I knew she was a fake! 🦄🦄🦄
  1. fully clothed
    pants! bra! clean-looking clothes that don't appear slept in!
  2. no plates or dirty dishes piled up at desk
    no cup of coffee that was ruined by accidentally dipping the paintbrush into it
  3. rookie move of wearing bracelet
    that would have ruined the painting
  4. socialized enough to stay on topic
    there were no tangents whatsoever about what she heard on Radiolab
  5. no rings around her eyes
    our jobs require us to just, like, not sleep at all sometimes. see also: no obvious signs of concerning vitamin d deficiency
  6. painting with water as with a child's coloring book
    where's the paint, asshole?
  7. 👆🏽 for contrast, let me show you my desk
    typical desk look
  8. I can't even
  9. this hand
    a commissioned illustrator surely made this, but just want to say: this rendering 😂
  10. these never-been-used display pencils
  11. a world without technology
    how quaint! but seriously, where's your phone or laptop? how will you know if the New York Times emailed you a job with a 40 minute deadline?
  12. showered
    most illustrators I know have hair like the bride of Frankenstein. shower is our only reward for meeting a deadline.
  13. white clothing
    those pants (haha again, pants) would have been ruined in 10 minutes or less
  14. desk lamp
    even in sunlight, this should be on. we need all the light, all the time.
  15. doesn't look depressed enough to really mean it
    "if you don't cry, then you just don't feel it deep enough!" 🎵 (the magnetic fields)
  16. I just want to reiterate the dangers of paint and coffee on the same desk
    choose the right one: the Russian roulette game every illustrator plays. again, my desk pictured.
  17. where are your glasses?
    it's a hazard of the job and no illustrator can afford lasik unless they had a trust fund
  18. has the ability to notice missing life's little moments
    most illustrators I know can't... or they will Need Latuda
  19. "actor portrayal"
    it also just said so