a list about a book by Christopher Hamilton you can buy here: https://www.goodreads.com/book/20518953-how-to-deal-with-adversity/get_a_copy?stores=1
  1. A year ago, I was teaching on the east coast during the Snowpocalypse.
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    As it was frequently called. pictured here, my friend Caitlin by a ridiculous mound of snow outside my apartment building.
  2. My class was cancelled due to weather, so we took the train from Providence to New York where I went to visit my college BFF for the weekend.
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  3. A series of unfortunate things happened to me while there
    although, overall, it was actually a great visit, because I love nyc
  4. I took a Lyft to DUMBO to meet up with a friend
  5. when my Lyft was pulling up to my destination, I asked him to let me out early because I was SO EXCITED to see this beautiful bookstore
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  6. Seriously: I practically jumped out of a moving car for books.
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    because that's how much I love them
  7. I actually forgot I had my entire weekend of stuff with me and I left my backpack (including wallet, laptop, necessary medications) in the Lyft
    because that's how excited I get about books
  8. I called Lyft, in an attempt to get ahold of my driver (he sped away) but the temperature was so low that my phone shut off.
    Did you know iPhones do this???????? Both times this has happened to me it was in a terrible situation where I desperately needed my phone. fucking iPhones.
  9. I ran into the bookstore and begged for them to help me. My phone was dead, I had no other way of reaching Lyft and I was without anything but my dead phone.
    not even a wallet
  10. The woman who worked at Powerhouse Books let me use her computer, her phone charger and was so, so helpful
    and nice. seriously, New Yorkers are REALLY nice. I do not understand why anyone says otherwise.
  11. I got my phone warm and charged enough to get ahold of my Lyft driver who came back!
    Lyft rules. my driver ruled. powerhouse books ruled.
  12. I used my now recovered wallet to spend all the money I had on books at this store.
  13. including this one, which spoke to me based on the title alone
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  14. it's been a year of slowly savoring it, but I finally just turned the last page.
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  15. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
  16. Really great book
  17. The reason it took me so long to read is anytime things have gone wrong for me this year, I've saved it as a kind of reward for suffering
    and it's been really helpful
  18. Here are some of my favorite passages:
  19. "Being realistic about things is the first step toward changing them, and, even though things can never be wholly as we want them to be, we can certainly improve them."
    I really appreciate this reminder, I think too often we are encouraged to think positively rather than realistically.
  20. "it can be extremely helpful to think of individual human beings as resembling chemical elements with their own peculiar properties. Each reacts in a certain kind of way with other such elements, depending also on their respective properties... It makes no sense to blame a chemical for reacting as it does with another; it just does what it does."
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  21. "There is something about putting your experiences into the form, the pattern, of writing that structures things and makes them better or more bearable."
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    ie why we are all here typing such very long lists on our phones all the time.
  22. phew, take a breather. there's a little more to go.
  23. I just really enjoyed this explanation of how interpersonal adversity is amplified and perpetuated through, basically, talking and thinking about it internally too much. (drama inducing internal monologue that extends the offense?)
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    by Gabriel Josipovici from his novel Contre-Jour
  24. "try to have patience with all the unresolved things in your heart, to love *the questions themselves* as if they were locked rooms and books written in a very strange language" -Rilke, genius
    on not fighting the loneliness of adversity. The author has a great chapter on Rilke: "We naturally seek to rid ourselves of these negative feelings by trying to get what we want. But if we allow the loneliness in question to live in us, Rilke suggests, instead of fighting to disburden ourselves of it, we realize that we are closer to finding some peace of soul."
  25. Next to that part about embracing loneliness, I wrote:
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  26. This
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    does this resonate with you, too? we have actions and then the true meaning and expectations behind those actions.
  27. And then, on the subject of living life without death in mind- only with being true to oneself:
    "from the perspective of infinity it makes no difference if we live a long or short life."
  28. "if we have had a good life we should seek to be grateful for this and leave life as we leave a feast - replete and satisfied"
  29. ✔️
  30. it's a slight book
    only 200 pages
  31. but I really treasure it.
  32. it has helped me approach adversity with wonder, humor, and amazingly: indifference
    sometimes, anyway
  33. I hope it helps you, too!
  34. and if you're ever in Brooklyn
  35. head to PowerHouse books
  36. and tell them I say hi
  37. and thanks
  38. ❤️