a list recognizing the quiet hero that is @eatthelove
  1. aside from being the first person to welcome and friend me here on the List app,
  2. it's easy to pay attention and see:
  3. @eatthelove always leaves really kind and supportive comments
    I've been noticing them on the flurry of dear john lists especially
  4. he also helped me find gifts for my hard-to-shop-for in laws
  5. and provided a great thanksgiving recipe I haven't made yet but still really want to
    I also subsequently invited myself to his house for thanksgiving and he was like 🆗
  6. basically, this was written is just to say:
  7. Irvin's a quiet list app user
  8. but a noticeably awesome one.
  9. I'm glad you're my friend, @eatthelove
    my first list pal!
  10. Honestly, everyone I've met through this app is articulate, brilliant, creative, and other wonderful words in alphabetical order
    I appreciate how graceful and respectful all the people I am connected to have been during a tense time.
  11. ❤️💃🏽🍸