AMA means Ask Me Anything. there are a lot of new people & friends following me on and thought I'd introduce / re introduce myself. ☝️ To ask a question, make a suggestion and I'll respond when I add your suggestion to the list. πŸ‘»πŸ‘»πŸ‘»πŸ‘»πŸ‘»πŸ‘»πŸ‘»πŸ‘» PS @bjnovak I think you should do one of these, too. everyone should do one of these?
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    I'm an artist and illustrator and have been for a long time
    credited as Susie Ghahremani or boygirlparty depending on the context
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    You may have seen my work before on this journal
    or other kinds of gifts, stationery and books. I have a picture book called What Will Hatch and something like 18 books in print. but my first book as author is coming out next year!
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    or on Etsy
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    or in art galleries around the world
    currently showing in LA at giant robot until May 25!
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    or even in a Bank of America commercial
    among my more unusual clients, there's a whole series of these it's crazy:
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    I make these ⚑️ LIVE LISTS ⚑️ of my paintings from time to time:
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    I'm a koala? 🐨
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    you can visit me online at
    or @boygirlparty on everything except stupid tumblr where some a-hole stole my name
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    I live in San Diego, am orig from the Chicagoland area, have a husband (@mesten), four finches and a cat. my sister @wonderlilly and brother @kingcyrusking are here as is my sister in law @thetrillwitch and my besties @dainjm and @linz904
    and more friends and some of my LFFs (list friends forever) - I'm discovering a new rule of thumb: if they're on list, they're probably good people β€οΈβ€οΈβ€οΈβ€οΈβ€οΈβ€οΈβ€οΈβ€οΈβ€οΈβ€οΈβ€οΈβ€οΈπŸ’™β€οΈ
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    I read a lot and work a lot and love so...
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    ok, Ask me anything! I mean, if you want.
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    What's your favorite song to sing at karaoke?
    Suggested by @dainjm
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    🐨 Totally a karaoke enthusiast! "Alone" by Heart or "Call Me" Blondie are my most frequent but "Stutter" by Elastica is my fave probably
    I like to mix it up!!
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    What glutinous item do you miss eating most?
    Suggested by @dainjm
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    🐨 Crepes maybe? tbh I want it all
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    Where is your favorite nature spot in San Diego?
    Suggested by @dainjm
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    🐨 Such a good question!! There are so many great places to go. Oak oasis definitely feels a world away to me.
    @dainjm I want you to answer these questions too!
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    first, (not a question) but I'm super into your live painting lists. it's fascinating to watch it all your intricate, delicate work come together!!
    that being said, (question) what is: 1 animal you like to paint, 1 you don't, 1 new animal you haven't worked on but want to
    Suggested by @americson
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    🐨 awesome question, @americson, and thanks! 1. always love painting birds (I have 4 finches and they are amazing) 2. never really like painting manly men, except once, Lincoln. 3. I want to paint a pangolin!
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    🐨 is it boring if I say Italy, @blisssara? I really like the idea of living in another country again! how about you?
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    If you could illustrate any ADULT book, which one would you pick?
    Suggested by @shanaz
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    🐨 @shanaz are we talking like book cover only, or like a picture book style depiction of the whole book?
    for the cover only, maybe something classic and beloved by me like catcher in the rye. for a reinterpretation in images, maybe Everything Is Illuminated? good question! I will think more about this!
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    🐨 I truly do not like photos of myself??? this one from my high school yearbook (!!!!!!) makes me lol though because you can see how much I hated everything and I love remembering what that felt like bc I'm pretty happy and in control of my life now
    complete misery can be a powerful motivator
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    🐨 revision: I really love this one from our wedding. I wish I looked this put together every day but I can't be bothered
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    Did you go to an art school or did you always draw and learned with the experience?
    Suggested by @solena
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    🐨 hi @solena! I went to art school (Interlochen & college at the Rhode Island School of Design) but did a lot of my development as an artist on my own with real world experience, too!
    I was trained in realism, believe it or not!
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    If you can have a billboard and can have anything written on it, what would it say?
    Suggested by @jasoncheng
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    🐨 I love this question! I'd make one that says LOOK ALIVE! with illustrations of natural wonderful everyday miracles like πŸžπŸ•ŠπŸƒ because "look alive" is a reminder to wake up from our mundane ways of constantly distracting ourselves out of boredom, and simultaneously a reminder that the world is alive and there is a lot to see
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    What's the one TV you can't live without?
    Suggested by @kaitlynvella
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    🐨 I love tv but I think I *can* live without all of it! my most beloved of all time is probably the Golden Girls, but I'm currently addicted to Game of Thrones, and I have carried a torch for a long time for Northern Exposure
    Giphy downsized medium
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    What is your favorite Little Debbie snack?
    Suggested by @amber
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    🐨 @amber I don't think I've ever had a little Debbie snack! (hazards of having a mom who's a dentist) but I love little Debbie in "Cruddy" by Lynda Barry (it's a knife)
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    Favorite 80's or early 90's comedy
    Suggested by @dudleyjoshua
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    🐨 @dudleyjoshua 80s: golden girls, 90s: freaks and geeks or Daria. you?
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    Susie, what is the weirdest custom art request you have ever received??
    (Hi! You're great! I met you once in Chicago like 10 yrs ago.)
    Suggested by @bettyturbo
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    🐨 @bettyturbo hi and thanks!!! and nice to re-meet you! I get a lot of weirdly specific custom art requests β€” but...
    the most memorable came from one of my best friends: a tattoo cover up for her completely astonishing drunken tattoo that she's regretted for decades. the cover up would have to be enormous to conceal the original, um, "art". I drew a few options, but even I was like "just get it removed"
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    Suggested by @Lisa_Fav
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    🐨 ok I'm actually going to answer this because I get about 20 emails a day asking me this question (which @Lisa_Fav knows which is why she's asking, probably because she loves me) YOU DO LOVE ME, LISA, DON'T YOU? this is like a schoolyard teasing
    so, you design a color separated vector graphic with Pantone assignments, send it to a casting company to have a die made for the model, have the model stamped in zinc and plated in a metal finish, then inject liquid enamel into the recesses to fill in the color (I have pros do everything but the art up until this point) then I get the pins and assemble them each by hand into their packaging with backing clasps
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    What is your favorite restaurant in Providence?
    Suggested by @aus10
  41. β€’
    🐨 it's now closed but Rue de l'espoir had my favorite brunch! these days I like The Grange and Cook & Brown
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    What is your least favorite thing/animal to draw?
    Suggested by @LeahG
  43. β€’
    🐨 see above! manly men? I have a hard time sometimes with other people's kids/pets/loved ones because they see them in a specific way already. but those are also sometimes my favorite commissions so πŸ€”
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    Worse question you were ever asked?
    Is it this one?? πŸ˜†
    Suggested by @DawnCloud
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    🐨 @DawnCloud anything ambiguous from my mother-in-law
    because she is probably trying to "gotcha" a specific thing she already believes to be true whether or not it is -- she has been crueler to me through her very specific line of questioning than almost anyone else I've ever known. she can also be nice, but when she questions me, Its weird. I know she's trying to find fault and it hurts. her questions will be things that seem mundane but hide daggers i.e. "did your parents ask you move to San Diego?" meaning "Did you conspire to abduct my son"
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    hello im glad to see that you too identify with koalas. 🐨🐨🐨 what are your other fave emojiiii
    Suggested by @leebear14
  47. β€’
    🐨 I love party ghost!! πŸ‘»πŸ‘»πŸ‘» and often use cry laugh bc my friends are hilarious πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ πŸ‘―πŸ‘―πŸ‘― is like girl power fun time ✨✨✨ magic ... and πŸ’ΈπŸ’ΈπŸ’Έ because that is my life. how about you, fellow koala @leebear14 ?
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    Do you have, or would you create, Australia fauna pins?
    Kangaroos, koalas etc..
    Suggested by @jessicaz
  49. β€’
    🐨 holy shit, yesssss @jessicaz! I love me some marsupials! a platypus is on its way this week or next...koala def needs to happen
  50. β€’
    Have you ever traveled to Australia? If so, when (and best memory). If not, when are you coming? ;)
    Suggested by @jessicaz
  51. β€’
    🐨 I've never been, and really want to visit, @jessicaz - both because I love the fauna and because I love snorkeling and would love to experience that there. husband's a big surfer too. finances have kept us from doing it, the only reason we haven't yet. ps I love cane toads
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    What is the best compliment you've ever received 1) personally and 2) about your work?
    Suggested by @aminam
  53. β€’
    🐨 thanks for asking, @aminam! 1) after we got married, my husband told me it was the best decision he's ever made...
    he's not the kind to say stuff like that, and it's always really stayed with me and made me feel more special. anytime a friend expressions appreciation for my friendship, I feel pretty humbled, too! 2) being anyone's personal favorite anything (artist, illustrator, etc)! someone once told me my art looks like their dreams, I thought that was an amazing compliment because it transcended earth!
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    What are the places that you feel most at home in? Like, when you get there, you feel, this is mine now?
    Great list idea! πŸ‘πŸΌ
    Suggested by @aida
  55. β€’
    🐨 I didn't think I had a good answer for this but then I realized: seeing one of my favorite bands play at one of my favorite clubs. I feel like I belong there more than anywhere else ever, when that happens. also: taking public transit in Chicago (or at least I used to feel that way when I lived there) @aida - love this question! how about you?
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    Have you ever illustrated a CD/Music cover before! And if so, can you show it to us? And if not, which one would you want to do?
    Suggested by @eatthelove
  57. β€’
    🐨 I've illustrated a few! @mikedoughty's Rockity Roll was one! (over 10 yrs ago)
    I've illustrated my own CDs too. I'd love to illustrate anything for bands I love: Liam Finn, Laura Veirs, almost anything on Merge. I've had some crappy offers though (i.e. for Minus the Bear) they wanted to pay me next to nothing. Pretty insulting.
  58. β€’
    What is your favorite Pantone color?
    Suggested by @eatthelove
  59. β€’
    🐨 @eatthelove we might be the only two listies who know what Pantone is
    it varies! currently I'm loving the spot color from the book I'm working on: 333c
  60. β€’
    Where does the name boygirlparty come from?
    Suggested by @Veronique
  61. β€’
    🐨 it's an expression I've always loved - the first party you go to as a kid with all the kids you know. Hopefully it has the same fun energy as my work!
    I used to (briefly) play music as The Boy-Girl Party before I recorded under the name Snoozer. When I was registering a web domain in 2000 or 2001, I was trying to think of something less complicated than my name and it came to mind. It was a split second impulse but I think it was the right one and I've stuck with it ever since!
  62. β€’
    Do you really love being an artist despite all the challenges ?
    Suggested by @smmrnss
  63. β€’
    🐨 I love being an artist, and it's who I am. it's the challenges I don't love. the challenges are soul sucking and a very real source of depression and struggle. being an artist is not. being an artist is uplifting and validating and fulfilling and also just me. @smmrnss
    I'm having a hard time articulating this because it seems like a harsh question in light of what I am currently going through (which you may or may not know about). but sure we all have times where the challenges in our lives make us not love our circumstances. that doesn't mean I'm not proud of my work or confident in my life choices.