Inspired by @LizDawson 💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽
  1. I believe the Misfits were objectively a better band than the Holograms.
  2. I believe papaya tastes like the vomit of another person
  3. I believe that everyone who thinks they're a good driver patently isn't.
  4. I believe there should be a tax incentive for active library patrons.
    another incentive to spend all my time reading.
  5. I believe Parker Posey is Katharine Hepburn in a time machine.
  6. I believe coffee is hydrating, not dehydrating
    because it's still mostly water and I want to drink it and not feel bad about it
  7. I believe the Beach Boys are extremely and unacceptably pitchy.
    and the Zombies should be this level of household name instead.
  8. I believe the smallest version of any animal is probably also the best
    pictured: a Pygmy hippo. Google it
  9. related: I believe Google is using all our personal info they glean from everyone's gmail accounts for pure evil.
  10. I believe parts of our brains are exclusively *intended* to remember and recite quotes and songs.
  11. I believe all Americans should try living on both coasts and at least one other country before they "settle down"
  12. I believe....👽👽👽