all yours for the taking
  1. installing clear, resin casts of phones in empty public pay phone stalls - the ghosts of what used to be there
    too much work
  2. a "reasons why my son is crying" style blog shaming myself for the stupid reasons I get upset
    the world doesn't need this
  3. adult ballet for beginners
    exercising with other people is the worst. if there were a way to do this affordably, privately, and like 5 minutes from my house, I'd almost do it.
  4. moving all my stuff out of my house, remodeling it and then moving back in
    tv shows make this look easy and fast, and even potentially cheap. also I really need to do this for my sanity. it would, in reality, be none of these things and would probably make me lose my mind completely.
  5. pet duck
    I used to volunteer at a wildlife rehabilitation center and care of the ducks was a convincing argument for having a pet duck.
  6. reading the full list of 1001 books to read before you die by Peter Boxall
    I'm trying, but at this rate, I'm dying first
  7. staying at the ice hotel
    I've thought of doing this for years. then, last year, saw it on Groupon!!! which tells me that no one actually ends up doing this
  8. learning to curl
    a merger of one of my favorite things: Swiffering, with one of my least favorite things: sports