We've never even met, but here he is, emailing to attack my home.
  1. Listen, Daniel DeSario.
  2. I don't think I deserved your unprovoked critique.
    Your "suggestions" were presumptuous. Maybe I don't want a "BONUS ROOM".
  3. We can't all have dream homes.
    Not all of us are movie stars.
  4. I do the best I can with my little cottage.
  5. Crumbing isn't a word.
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    Don't you have, like, a masters degree from Yale?
  6. Pick on someone your own size.
  7. Awaiting an apology and ever so sincerely yours,
  8. 🖋 Susie Ghahremani
    who could probably use new flooring, but you didn't have to put me on blast about it.