I'm updating this list as I go
  1. I have an art show in a couple weeks in Brooklyn
    feb 6 at grumpy bert, 82 bond st
  2. all the artists were given red envelopes
    for Chinese New Year
  3. I sketched out my design and started working
  4. I'll update this about every 30 min
  5. until it's finished
  6. 9:44pm pst
    I feel like a lot of illustrations I see by others stopped their work at this stage. why! is it better unrefined?
  7. 10:13pm pst
    almost done, I'll do another
  8. finished! 10:37pm
    I think that took about 3 hrs. surprisingly quick for me! I'll do another.
  9. aren't paint palettes pretty?
  10. 10:43pm Ok next one... I sketched this earlier today
  11. 11:26pm pst
    I took a snack break
  12. 11:45pm pst
  13. I'm getting a little sleepy
  14. 12:15am pst
  15. the cat just came over and yawned at me
  16. then she tried to eat my paintbrush
  17. I think we're done here, 12:52am
  18. I also have to hide something special in each lucky envelope for (if) anyone buying my paintings
    not my idea, part of the lucky envelope tradition
  19. I'm drawing a blank on what to do for that part