1. dear list,
    I've been live listing for about a year, and I'm thrilled you've made it easier but the way photo downloads are now allowed puts my work at risk. I didn't share photos of my work so it could be used or reposted without permission but that's what image downloading enables. I've written to you about this several times and have been ignored. i feel unsafe here, and I hope you can address this instead of ignoring me and the other visual artists who add dimension to this community.
  2. please respect your community and allow users to decide whether or not they want image downloads.
    my guess is many people would not be comfortable with this if they actually stop to think about the repercussions.
  3. is there a reason this issue is being ignored?
    is it that you see no value to my contributions or think the artists of this app are so replaceable? or that we should be watermarking everything in preparation for this violation?
  4. until this is addressed, I can't make these lists anymore.
    it's such an affront to visual artists on list who bring their work and perspective to this app only to have it treated like it's not worthy of authorship or ownership. it's unsafe and rude. they don't allow one click list downloads to your notes app without attribution, or for you to download the lists you yourself have written —— why would they allow this to happen with images??????
  5. _____________________________________
    support appreciated.
  6. updates every 30 minutes until I'm too tired to work anymore
    (these first couple updates were done prior to publishing to get this started)
  7. I've had a really awful past couple weeks and painting is good for me, so I'm going to do this now.
  8. sketched
  9. colorblock
  10. patterning
  11. these patterns are very tiny
  12. gardening with paint
  13. Static
  14. Static
  15. it looks kind of scary but it'll be fine, don't freak
  16. detail
    this is about 2 inches wide IRL
  17. detail
  18. done (with this one)
    sg = Susie Ghahremani, my name
  19. (beginning another one now)
  20. sketching on wood
    tbh not sure about the mouse but I'm going for it
  21. color blocking
  22. oops this took me a lot longer than 30 min
  23. Static
  24. Static
  25. oops, I guess updates became hourly.
  26. did I make the right choice on this eyebrow?
  27. finished! goodnight
  28. another tomorrow, perhaps
  29. hey li.st, how about adding "allow image downloads from your lists?" to these options
    seriously have some respect for your users
  30. updated, above.