1. I'm updating this list as I work, about every half hour.
  2. I'm going to need to sleep at some point so this might take me a long time to finish.
  3. Unlike other ⚡️ LIVE LISTS ⚡️ I've done, this is an illustration for a magazine!
    I've been assigned four illustrations for this article and this is the last one I'm working on.
  4. (the others are already done)
  5. I was sent the text for the article and then presented the (awesome!) art director with a few sketches
    this is the one we landed on
  6. blocking in the background...
  7. trying to leave some guidelines so I keep the composition in place
  8. background colors still... takes a long time on a piece this large
  9. doing a lot of this
  10. clouds, books, ferns
  11. lots of tiny details to make room for
  12. coffee break: 12:20am
  13. ☕️ while I drink my coffee, I'll tell you this is an article about how students and educators alike are rediscovering the value of printed books in the classroom in conjunction with new technologies
  14. ☕️ one of the ideas i presented was an archaeological dig into and on books. it's sort of sequential with the other illustrations
  15. ☕️ I love being an illustrator the most when I have the opportunity to think critically and come up with creative solutions to visuals that accompany the written word
  16. shit! I put my palm on the painting and smeared it!
  17. holy crap! David Cameron resigned?
    was this expected? bc it seems like chaos
  18. glad I'm up to listen to npr
  19. ☕️🍃☕️🍃☕️🍃☕️👯
  20. leafy details
  21. I'm going to sleep... I'll do more in the morning
  22. ☕️☕️☕️☕️ GOOD MORNING
    getting back to it now
  23. 🌿
  24. I'm audiobooking - anyone read Kitchens of the Great Midwest?
    oh the author is on li.st! hi @jryanstradal
  25. starting to get sick of painting leaves
  26. but paint leaves I must ✊
  27. 🎶 oops I did it again
    remember the bracelet from this list: HOW I KNEW THIS ACTOR WAS A FAKE
  28. I have to take a break to take care of other stuff. be back in a little while! 🔜⏰
  29. ok I'm getting back to it again. I'm having sort of a crappy day so hopefully I don't screw this up!
  30. almost done!
  31. painting tiny shadows no one will notice but me
  32. I think I am done here!
    12:28am on Saturday!
  33. 💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽