I'm an artist and I have a show in a couple months. this is me working on that show!
  1. I've made a few other lists like this.
  2. here we go!
  3. I'm starting with a small one
  4. I sketched foreground
  5. starting
  6. 3:40pm
    ok I feel like this sucks but I can still turn it around
  7. you guys, I just knocked over my paint and it fell in my coffee 😶
    made a big mess
  8. 4:01pm
  9. putting in some detail
  10. 4:30pm
    hmm what else should I do
  11. done with this one, I think
  12. I'm going to take a break and have some coffee, what should I paint next?
  13. 5:10 starting a new one. a nighttime scene per @kate81's suggestion!
  14. when I thought about night, I thought of my experience seeing the northern lights. I'll paint that.
  15. working on the background
  16. 5:49
  17. that water is now more paint that water
  18. 6:43pm
  19. getting there
  20. let there be pines!
  21. my neck is hurting
  22. 8:35 DONE! going to go have dinner now
  23. welcoming suggestions for the next one. I'll tag you if I go with yours!