I'm updating this list about every 15 min or so
  1. I'm working on some miniature paintings
  2. it's for a California themed group show
    opening at Leanna Lin's in Eagle Rock (Los Angeles) soon
  3. these little wood tiles are very small & I'm painting freehand with gouache.
    the wood is already cut, primed and painted with a base layer.
  4. I'll hang the finished miniatures as a cluster.
  5. sort of like this (photo from one of my art shows)
    but it'll be a group show not a solo show
  6. the artwork had to be California themed
  7. I'm not sure what I'll do yet
    maybe native plants and animals? I love California's diverse nature.
  8. here we go.
  9. just laying down some structure
  10. + the sun
  11. oh I should paint Joshua tree. I was just there.
  12. added some patterns and Joshua tree-ness
  13. + bobcats
  14. + long shadows and stardust
  15. done, I think
  16. scale
    I have the flu. I see subconscious ricola colors apparently
  17. starting the next one now
  18. literally watching paint dry
  19. sketching some foreground ideas
    egret in marsh
  20. putting in some very tiny details
  21. when I volunteered at project wildlife here in San Diego, sea birds used to come in, injured and tangled and sometimes punctured by fishing lines and hooks. homage to the fishing line threat
  22. stopping point
  23. it's late, I'm going to bed!