1. just to give you an idea
  2. here are some (but not all) of the copies of my stolen artwork I fought...
  3. ...THIS WEEK
  4. yep, all of these were in the past 5 days.
  5. see my white swan pin?
  6. mine ▶️▶️▶️
  7. for sale here
  8. they stole my black swan pin, too
  9. so did this shop
    counterfeit and counterfeit
  10. stolen
    "free art work" only when you steal it
  11. stolen
    this is my artwork and photo and product
  12. they removed my copyright info and overlaid their own
  13. another
    this photo is of my friend's child's jacket. I instagrammed it. and now here it is on Alibaba
  14. another
    stolen from me
  15. another
    that is my artwork and it is not 25c
  16. another
  17. this is my artwork
  18. this is the way I pay my bills and sustain myself
  20. ▶️ tell me if you see a copy of my work. send me the link. help me take it down. be outraged.
    I need to know. I send DMCA takedown notices as often as I can. it helps when I'm not the only one looking.
  21. ▶️ support original artists
  22. ▶️ don't assume you're buying from the artist if it's on etsy
    people steal from me there, too.
  23. sometimes they're stealing an idea
    but it was MY idea and that SUCKS. and how can they call themselves an artist. am I the last person left on earth who doesn't lie, cheat and steal to get ahead??? am I the last person left on earth who thinks art is about innovation not the mining of trends and facsimiles of something they saw on Pinterest?
  24. ▶️ stop buying things for 25c and 50c and thinking its probably ethically ok
    stop supporting known infringers like literally every shop on AliExpress and eBay.
  25. ▶️ use your voice
    Speak up about this problem. urge websites like Etsy to do more to protect its ORIGINAL sellers. not allowing every visitor to download high res images of every product would be a start. allowing sellers to restrict traffic from certain infringing countries like China would also help.
  26. ▶️ support this conversation
    even though I have been talking a lot about the pain of getting ripped off, it consumes me every day way more than I can express. I don't sleep well anymore, and haven't for years. that's why I list at night! I know it's a bummer. I know it's easier not to think about it. that's a luxury you have that I do not. so please, don't make me feel like I'm annoying for having something to say about this. support this conversation. keep it going.
  27. someone I know who was also stolen from asked me how I get over it and continue to share with the world.
    the answer is I don't get over it and I honestly don't have a choice. i have to share because I financially depend on my art and I like talking about it. and it's just the way I am: a sharer. but it's so, so hard knowing the corruption of something that came from my dedicated work and my education and my thoughts and my soul is ALWAYS just around the corner. and it happens so much. and it's a very lonely and terrifying experience. and no one really knows just how much I take.
  28. ❤️ is always appreciated.