requested by my amazing friend @tullera! I try to watch 50 movies a year, which is actually a challenge for me because my eyes are usually on a painting. but those I watch/love have to be a true, engaging escape! or they need to make me laugh. here are a few of my favorites I've seen at least 20x (exception: bonus rounds), riveted every time!
  1. Clue: based on the classic board game
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    I can probably quote every line of this movie. i was obsessed with it as a kid but it's held up.
  2. All About Eve
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    This is a movie that hits me hard every time. Bette Davis is mesmerizing.
  3. Singles
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    This is a time capsule of two fascinating things: subculture of the 90s... and everything I didn't know about dating until I saw this. If you haven't seen it in this decade, now is a good time. Just drop whatever you're doing.
  4. Rear Window
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    I think about the genius of this film almost every day, not exaggerating. For the conspiratorial at heart.
  5. Pee Wee's Big Adventure
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    This is also the only DVD I've found that also has an amazing commentary track — the true test of any short attention span.
  6. Heathers
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    When I first moved to the west coast, I met very few people who had seen this movie. I discovered this because they didn't comprehend my references to it. This is also when I realized I make frequent references to the movie Heathers. Iconic and infinitely rewatchable. Teenage suicide: don't do it.
  7. Beetlejuice
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    This amazing cast (yes, that is Alec baldwin), Harry Belafonte in the soundtrack, and "this is my art and it is dangerous!!!" Could not be greater. also: the second movie on this list to feature Winona Ryder. and sorta Tim Burton- who has an amazing cameo in Singles as an employee of a video dating service.
  8. Best in Show
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    I primarily watch documentaries, but none are as rewatchable as this. Parker Posey! second time Catherine O'hara (Beetlejuice) and Michael McKean (Clue) are on the list.
  9. Robin Hood (animated)
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    This movie is so well-done, it's sort of stupid it's not more beloved. Easily the best Disney movie ever by, like, no contest whatsoever.
  10. Bonus round: documentary: Cane Toads: an Unnatural History
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    if you haven't seen it, you need to see it.
  11. Bonus round: foreign: The Triplets of Belleville
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    animated, nearly silent, and incredible. a visual feast. every time I'm sore after a workout, I crave experiencing the kitchen stretching scene.
  12. Bonus round: recent: The Heat
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    I can't believe how much I loved this movie, except I can. Good fun.