Inspired by @zoe
  1. good candidate for running away and joining the circus
    if the circus wasn't some creepy bullshit 🐘
  2. most likely to pick up an injured bat
    I did, once, when I was a kid, and my mom slapped it out of my bare hands like she couldn't believe she had anything to do with me as a person. btw I don't blame her.
  3. belonging nowhere
    middle eastern but also Midwestern. I grew up in suburban Chicagoland where nobody but teachers treated me with ANYTHING resembling kindness, I assume because I looked different and had a foreign family, and it made me a weird kid who wasn't invited to anyone's birthday parties, but now I'm glad that I had that experience because weird kids make everything good in our world and have real souls.
  4. always up for ice cream or a nighttime summer bike ride
    🍦 🚴🏽
  5. frequently wondering if butterflies are ok with their inability to fly in a straight line or totally annoyed by it
  6. tired
    because of so many things, including an increasing lack of faith in our world, but also tired from an actual lack of sleep
  7. looking forward to the invisibility afforded by aging
    halfway there 💅🏽
  8. over it
    most of it anyway