@Lynnie requested this list a very long time ago, but I haven't really had great answers to share. these are all photos of my actual supplies
  1. I use gouache
    currently I'm liking Holbein but I've used others
  2. gouache is like an opaque watercolor
    it's not easy to use (if you're new to it), it's very very expensive, and dries up. it's basically a pain in the ass but I love it. it has a unbelievably beautiful chalky texture that shows every paint stroke, and you can mix colors so precisely it feels like a magic wand more than a paintbrush.
  3. plastic six well palettes
    I actually remembered this list draft because someone wrote kind of a rude comment to me on Instagram about why I use so many. I love to mix colors to find the perfect one and these enable me to do so and see exactly what I'm doing bc it's on a white background.
  4. Also I find them very pleasing and tidy to stack
    though my house has not been as organized as this photo any other day in the past 5 yrs
  5. I keep hundreds of used palettes around because I can reactivate the paint with water.
    and also because I HATE washing them. very useful if I really liked a past color i had mixed
  6. a good sketchbook
    is like a good therapist
  7. nylon brushes
    I can get very specific and nerdy about this so I'll leave it at that. tbh I find it gross and weird to paint with the hair of another animal so this is all I use.
  8. a good lamp
    you can't see color without it. I hate LED and fluorescents of any kind and if you have them in your house, I will 100% assume you have no appreciation for art because how can you when your world is only green and pulsing and dead. this is one of my concerns about digital art- screens are so limited in color bc they're LED.. I'm worried more people aren't concerned about how this is effecting our visual culture.
  9. wood
    versatile, wonderful
  10. a good pencil with a good eraser
    I love CW Pencil Enterprises in New York City but honestly any free pencil from a hotel will do good work too. the good eraser is the harder part, since they go bad easily
  11. uniball micro deluxe
    imo the only pen that matters
  12. tennis overgrip tape
    I use it on brushes, pencils and pens to make them more comfortable
  13. vellum
    screw newsprint, Tracingoaper, sketch paper, Bristol board, illustration board etc. team vellum.
  14. I'll let you in on a secret though
  15. it doesn't matter what you use
  16. some of my favorite stuff was made using whatever basic stuff I had lying around
  17. or stuff that wasn't meant to be used the way I was using it
  18. the chain stores are all the same
    Blick, Utrecht, Pearl, Artist & craftsman... they all have the same stuff. no surprises, no hidden gems.
  19. so just use whatever you're using and enjoy it!
  20. 🎨✏️🖍🖋🖌❤️