requested by @tullera! aaron, plan your visit!
  1. Solvang, CA
    California's weird Copenhagen-inspired wine town. it is truly bizarre this place exists but I'm so glad it does.
  2. Giant Robot, Los Angeles, CA
    On Sawtelle Blvd in Los Angeles is the art gallery and store that has supported my career and hundreds of others from the beginning. it's a highlight of any trip to LA. Here's a photo of one of my openings there!
  3. Salvation Mountain
    In the middle of the desert, weird & wonderful things are made. sometimes by old men, out of found materials.
  4. Noah Purifoy Museum, Joshua Tree, CA
    in the middle of the desert, weird and wonderful things are made - part ii.
  5. Museum of Jurassic Technology, Culver City
    this weird gem is worth stumbling around on the street trying to find its hidden entrance. number one reason to visit Los Angeles, hands down.
  6. Quicksilver miniature horse ranch, solvang, ca
    i love things that are miniaturized and these horses are among the best example of that. also: once, at this farm, I saw a small child ask his mom to borrow her phone, and with it -- she wasn't paying attention -- he took many photos of horse poop.
  7. Julian, CA
    a Wild West town home of legendary Apple pies and another beloved miniature horse.
  8. Noble Experiment, San Diego
    probably the best cocktail you can get, and you'll feel like you entered an alternate universe when you finally find the door. (it's hidden)
  9. Seal Rookery, La Jolla, CA
    Don't cross the rope line and scare them off or you will be on my bad side and I will assume you are a sociopath / murderer.
  10. Coronado, CA
    I love to bonfire on this beach and I love the town's 1950's-vacation feeling. The sand here glitters with flecks of silvery micah & there are regular dolphin and sand dollar sightings.
  11. Mission Trails, San Diego, CA
    a massive network of hiking trails through rivers, mountains, and fields. distinctly Californian landscape. whole park smells of coastal sage scrub, which is lovely. don't take the paved trail, it's overly crowded and unspectacular.
  12. The Casbah, San Diego
    Intimate club for amazing shows. here's a photo of the breeders. I have played on this stage before, but so has KIM DEAL
  13. Dark Horse, San Diego
    without their coffee, I'd be the tin man, rusted up and frozen, somewhere in some brush.
  14. Los Angeles County Museum of Art
    strongest museum collection on the west coast.
  15. Joshua Tree National Park
    Mars on earth. Also makes that U2 album make a lot more sense.
  16. Big Bear, CA
    did you know two hours away is a bear-themed Santa's village, complete with three ski resorts? My favorite wintertime getaway when i get nostalgic for my snowy childhood.
  17. San Diego Library
    from the incredible sweeping view from the 14th floor to the wonkaesque book drop that shows your book get carried away along the rafters on a conveyor belt to be reshelved. I saw the architect give a talk at an AIGA conference about the design choices and it actually made me cry. design is beautiful.
  18. Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego, La Jolla, CA
    I got married here! to @mesten