I went to Portland and screenshotted some
  1. rachel dolezal spam email
  2. hilarious notification on LinkedIn
    the power of one
  3. every member of my family in a different west coast city
  4. literal hell no
  5. industrial taco holders
  6. taco rack reviews
    including a sort of insulting one about their daughter?
  7. Lawrence, @tullera's & my beloved Lyft driver
    he necessitates his own list honestly
  8. my friend's 11 year old interrupts himself to politely answer a question
  9. the art show I curated!
  10. ironic, unsendable tweet because Gogo plane wifi is garbage
  11. I love my friends & family for standing up for me in the comments
    see previous lists because I can't get into this right now
  12. this papyrus burn is strong
  13. this customer photo someone sent me for the dachshund pin i made
    so good!!!
  14. another customer photo I love
  15. this basically summarizes my past week