1. agreeing to disagree
    agree with me or stfu #electionyear
  2. the text message in progress dots
    spit it out quickly or leave me alone
  3. "I said I was sorry" / "I'm sorry, but"
    not the same as saying "I'm sorry" or preferred alternate "I...fucked up"
  4. telemarketers and grocery clerks trying to pronounce my last name in a transparent attempt to seem like they know me
    you're just upsetting me
  5. hanging out over a meal
    everyone feels their food choices getting scrutinized, let's just get together after
  6. dress codes
    don't tell me what to do
  7. support by phone
    don't make me talk to you
  8. posting photos and tagging people when you KNOW it's unflattering
    why does anyone do this. there should be a catch all for all the double chinned, squinty eyed, harsh lighted photos. like how gmail reminds you you didn't have an attachment but mentioned it in your email.
  9. leaving a message longer than 00:00:10
    am I in detention?
  10. listbot
    hard pass