1. so, the art opening this weekend was amazing!
    (thanks to anyone who came or plans to!)
  2. I got back, went to sleep and woke up at 3am, restless.
  3. so I did what no one should do at 3am and I checked my email
  4. I got an email from a name I didn't recognize
  5. someone saw what they thought was a copy of my artwork
    this is my pin / art / photo
  6. and it was
  7. a copy
    of my original artwork, of my original design, of a drawing I did of my now dead cat
  8. for sale
  9. I spent the following five hours sending out takedown notices and legal complaints.
    shoutout to Twitter for being the first to pull the content.
  10. the part of being an artist that no one wants to talk about is all the jobs we have to do in addition to making things.
  11. people assume that I'm loftily painting every minute of the day and that it's a dream
    but there's a lot of crap that goes along with it that is absolutely loathsome
  12. social media is sort of the opposite of making things
    but I accept that it's part of sharing your work with the world
  13. selling and shipping
    I'd rather just get to paint, but it's a reality— but I do kind of love sending it out into the world so it's ok
  14. and then here's the most glamorous one:
  15. being my own fucking paralegal every second of the day
    great, just what I wanted to do
  16. a ripoff
  17. an exact trace
  18. for sale
    stealing money out of my pocket and putting it into their own. stealing a drawing I have a personal connection to and turning it into a negative thing in my life.
  19. I spend hours a day, every day of the entire year, protecting my artwork against the deluge of shit
    copies on etsy, copies by corporations, read more about it here: THINGS YOU SHOULD NEVER SAY TO SOMEONE WHO IS THE VICTIM OF COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT
  20. i often wonder how much more I'd be able to do in my life,
  21. and how much better i would sleep at night,
  22. if this wasn't something I had to worry about
  23. like does all of this time equal a week of vacation a year?
  24. does the money lost to counterfeit crap equal more than my take home income?
  25. I think it might.
    I actually know it does. all the copies earn more $ than all the $ I make in a year
  26. it seems like sharing stuff directly leads to having it stolen
  27. I wonder, sometimes, how much more I can take
  28. please?
  29. is there another way?
  30. it chips away at me.
  31. and it's too hard.
  32. and it hurts.
  33. and I miss my cat.
  34. and I can't believe this happened to something as innocent
  35. as a drawing I made of him with nothing but love in my heart.