Add one you took. Really, it's the best view you can get. Inspired by @louisa_rd's list about flying to Minnesota.
  1. frost on the window
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  2. Midwest quilt-like landscape
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    color photo that looks black and white. Such is winter.
  3. forests that have been cut down, Oregon
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  4. Over ridges, Colorado maybe?
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  5. Kauai
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  6. BOS > SAN ☁️
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  7. more window crystals
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  8. Southern California
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  9. sunrise on Boston
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  10. not going anywhere at all / delayed
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    taken from the tarmac, hours spent on the plane on the ground. you start to really notice how filthy they are.
  11. Minnesota (just bc I'm so proud of this pic)
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    Suggested by @louisa_rd
  12. Manhattan
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    Suggested by @ChrisK
  13. Sunrise over the Mississippi
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    Suggested by @estone
  14. Sunset over Houston
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    I am still not over how cool this looked.
    Suggested by @jb_piper
  15. Boston
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    Suggested by @joakes
  16. Jersey can be pretty sometimes
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    Suggested by @ess
  17. Sunset over Peru
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    Suggested by @daniela
  18. Sunrise over Boston.
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    Suggested by @macnchz
  19. BOS - LAX
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    Suggested by @anniepebbles
  20. Sunrise Boston - Chicago
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    Suggested by @xtineengels
  21. Clouds over Lake Michigan
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    Suggested by @xtineengels
  22. Boston
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    Suggested by @xtineengels
  23. NYC 🙌
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    Suggested by @sophiajzp
  24. Coming into Faro. Portugal about an hour ago
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    Suggested by @bookishclaire
  25. Sunrise over Mt Raineer
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    Suggested by @wiblitz
  26. Grand Canyon
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    Suggested by @wiblitz
  27. Into Alaska
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    Suggested by @ChristaBullock
  28. flying over arizona on a flight from NYC to vegas ⛰
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    Suggested by @san
  29. Greenland?
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    Suggested by @wmf
  30. On my way from Brisbane to Melbourne, landing in fog. 😬
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    Suggested by @jpbateson
  31. Dublin > Chicago
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    Suggested by @usofjay
  32. Sunset headed to Nashville
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    Suggested by @nyquistify
  33. Chicago skyline ORD-RDU
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    Suggested by @jd
  34. Mt Ranier
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    Suggested by @jd
  35. Puerto Rico 😊
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    Suggested by @Hellohayley
  36. ATL to CMH
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    Suggested by @alligeeshow
  37. Farm country, inland California
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    Suggested by @dev
  38. Greenland, LHR-PHX
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    Suggested by @mhawkeyem
  39. Norway
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    Suggested by @oeysteinD
  40. Holding the camera still, and using the motion of the plane on approach to landing as the panning mechanism for a panorama. You can see the digital stitching jitter in the distance.
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    Suggested by @steeet
  41. Fluffy clouds above Boston
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    Suggested by @LeahHaydock
  42. Sunset over Greenland 😭
    B4b75327 4a99 40d9 941f b9f50c77436e
    Suggested by @oliviapeace
  43. The sun rising as we approached South Africa.
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    Suggested by @morgans
  44. Sunset somewhere between Houston and Calgary
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    Suggested by @sabrinakristine
  45. sunrise over Florida
    06c60fb0 6278 48d7 883f 36b5a5040516
    Suggested by @oliviatrue
  46. SFO ✈️ NYC
    Suggested by @michellejennifer
  47. Static
    dont remember what flight this was
    Suggested by @danika
  48. Static
    accidental hand model
    Suggested by @danika
  49. JFK
    Or... The swamp surrounding JFK
    Suggested by @danika
  50. On my way to Portugal!
    Suggested by @amyesi
  51. San Francisco, CA
    Suggested by @amyesi