I promise I am not trying to sell these to you!
  1. ⚠️ this is a self-indulgent list ⚠️
  2. I make pins, and I've made a bunch
    with more in the works, soon, perhaps!
  3. some were designed to go together
    swans mate for life!
  4. but mostly they weren't designed with that in mind
    they're just part of a larger collection of illustrated things I make
  5. here are some subcommittees I've noticed among my collection
    I'm saying this as if they made themselves?
  6. short and stout
    these ones are all wider than high
  7. kinda blue
    each of these have a little touch of a cool color.
  8. walk this way
    it's a tiny parade ➡️
  9. ⬅️ going that way
  10. dashing
    I used little dashes as texture on these ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖
  11. copper
    these two are copper and happen to look nice together imo
  12. weirdos of the animal kingdom
    black swan, white tiger, flying squirrel. all are real, but you'll maybe never see one
  13. tiny light bellies
    apparently I like to draw them?
  14. these two could go together
    though they weren't made to. I guess I just really like cats?
  15. life/art
  16. Valentines
  17. dots
    dots as texture. but also: 🆘 this cat looks like it's going to eat the puffin.
  18. kawaii
    A happy stack
  19. I don't remember why I paired these 3 in this photo
    extreme tails perhaps? extreme level of detail?
  20. goth
  21. tiny club
    these are the three smallest
  22. tall tales
    taller than wide
  23. I like this meeting of the minds
    the "vet tech" collection
  24. if you see a sub-committee I should have listed, let me know
    because apparently I'll use any excuse to keep playing with these
  25. I spent too much time on this
  26. but it was really satisfying to sort and classify
  27. thank you for your patience
  28. here, have a teacup pig