Internet photos / I didn't take them
  1. my sister knew a grown adult who thought they were actual horses
    pls clarify @wonderlilly
  2. they aren't.
  3. have you seen one in person?
  4. they don't look real
  5. but they are!
  6. & they're quite small.
  7. don't even get me started on the leafy sea dragon
  8. ok I will say this: they're even cooler in person
  9. because they move in a slow, other-worldly way...
  10. but they're not other-worldly at all!
  11. this is very much our world!
  12. look how lucky we are
  13. what a magical planet
  14. don't do this 🚫
  15. seriously, that's weird.
    get a dog. get a cat.
  16. but marvel from afar
  17. at our magic planet