I've been an illustrator for a relatively long time & have had my work published in many forms over the years. So this was a complete surprise when one of my projects started getting treated very differently than the others.
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    The thing I least expected when I illustrated a picture book...
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    was how many people would want their books signed by me!
    this is a crazy line for a signing I did at San Diego comic con (for something else). I find it amazing how people treasure signatures! it's sort of remarkably old timey, isn't it?
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    which is super fun & amazing
    & honestly unexpected since I'm the illustrator not the author. I also get invited to do read aloud events and I'm like "you guys, you know I'm just the illustrator, right?" ("just")
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    I've gotten better at my extended relationship to my picture book over the last couple years
    better at signing books in addition to getting better at giving talks about my artwork. I have somehow escaped ever having to read this book aloud to an audience!!!
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    signing books actually takes me a TON of time, but i'm happy to do it.
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    here are some of the books I've signed in the past week or two
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    I try to put a lot of effort into it & make the signature more than just a signature
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    really long inscriptions are terrifying
    because I might spell something wrong & have to eat the cost and redo the work and all that
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    my favorite is signing books for people I know
    Elvis is the son of my first ever assistant - two of my best friends Ryan and Jackie
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    I usually sign with an animal that hatches from an egg
    since that's what the book is about
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    but some people make specific animal requests and I make them hatch from an egg anyway
    ok probably confusing but I think it's funny (this is an older signing... see! I got better at it)
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    sometimes I sign with a bunch of animals
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    I try to make each signing unique and special
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    I'm about to be the published author of my first picture book
    Stack the Cats, April 2017
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    and the illustrator of another book (the companion to this one)
    What Will Grow, Feb 2017 (Bloomsbury)
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    I can't wait to sign those, too!!!
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    I'm not sure if all authors and illustrators feel the same about signing books as I do
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    but I hope they do!
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    I now get my books signed, too!
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    like this beautiful copy of the Sunlit Night by @Becky
    look at how great that E is!!!!! buy her book!!! and buy @eatthelove's when it comes out! and @bjnovak's clever books and @mindy's inspiring essays! and my mom's books, Sky of Red Poppies and The Moon Daughter! and @jenny's and @jayang's and @souris's and @paulfeig's! everyone I'm forgetting! and get them all signed!
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    go to author events & have your books signed!
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    it makes them so much more special
    because it seals a little moment between you and the creator of that work
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    but it also gives the author/illustrator a chance to transform their book
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    to make something that will be treasured as something more than a mass produced object
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    a distinction made for one person at a time
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    feel free to long tap this list to make a listalike title -- and use it to make a photo list of all the signed books you own
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    I'd love to see that!
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    3/6/15: new books!
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    this person didn't want it signed to a name!
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    this person gave me a first and a last name to sign it to, and I feel like I can't post both! so here is only half.
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    another double namer! twice the opportunity for me to mess it up!
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    I think this may be the fourth Harper I've signed for????
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    book club!
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    I'll keep uploading them as I sign them!
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    oops here are more!
    for my friend & fellow illustrator
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    Hope I'm not spoiling any surprises here
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    cool inscription request
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    these long dedications make me so anxious
    I'm a person
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    oops this photo is sideways oh well