1. I've been feeling it lately.
    on every medium but the list app!
  2. part of being self employed means I'm responsible for sharing my work and availability and events with the world which is super counter intuitive for me as an artist
    most days I love the social aspect of it, a nice break from solitary work. but some days I just feel like everything I read, see, and maybe even have to post is so insincere.
  3. briefly mentioned feeling fatigued on Twitter, and a lot of other people seemed to feel the same way
  4. I wonder if part of it is because of how all these tech companies are incorporating algorithms that force your engagement
  5. boosting popular posts to the top, forcing news into your feed
  6. both intended to draw you into interacting
  7. and intended to make you feel the stakes are high with your "content"
    have something important to share or don't share it at all
  8. BUT these posts are usually kind of intense posts of celebration or outrage or heavy on any one of the 5 emotions from Inside Out
  9. maybe our brains need the break. maybe we need the mundane.
  10. maybe we don't need to share Only the Big Ideas
  11. maybe we don't need to see what we missed
    it's a neverending game of catch up where you can never actually catch up
  12. maybe it's all best when it functions like a chat room
    you see what you see when you show up
  13. maybe that'd be a more fun and less exhausting appropach
  14. but it wouldn't be as profitable for companies whose valuation comes from intangible "engagement" stats sold to advertisers
  15. so we're running ourselves down
  16. desensitizing our own ability to be empathetic
    while creating an illusion of support with likes
  17. maybe feeling like we don't have anything important enough to share
  18. maybe feeling like we are the only people in the world who are not SO excited and all too willing to discuss this thing everyone is talking about
  19. and it's just exhausting.
  20. Local